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Beats Studio Review

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PROS / The long connection cord stays out of your way and features a convenient remote to control volume and change tracks.

CONS / They weigh a bit on the heavy side. At 9.7 ounces, they’re heavier than many other top noise-cancelling headphones.

 VERDICT / This set looks good while efficiently keeping distracting noise out.

The best noise-cancelling headphones don’t sacrifice sound in favor of noise blockage. The Beats Studio headphones play in both passive and active modes so you can control how much outside noise you want to hear with unspoiled sound quality. Noise blocking headphones like the Beats Studios also don’t weigh you down and battery will last much longer than an all-day flight.

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A full-range frequency plays the highs and lows of your music. The Beats Studio noise-reducing headphones range from 20-20,000Hz of sound, which matches the capabilities of human hearing exactly. A sensitivity rating of 108dB means your playlists and audiobooks play in crystal clear clarity without sounding muffled. The top 10 noise-cancelling headphones all have high noise reduction abilities, and the Beats Studios are ranked at 32dB, which blocks out the sound of passing cars or nearby conversations.

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Noise-isolating headphones block out noise without the help of batteries. The Beats Studio noise-cancelling headphones are powered by an internal battery that, when charged, block noise from interfering with your tunes. The battery life on these noise reduction headphones is about 20 hours, but when it runs out, you can always still play your music or audio books in passive mode without noise cancellation.

Due to popular brand recognition, this set is a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones for kids. The Beats logo is emblazoned on every set and in all four colors. Although these are not wireless noise-cancelling headphones, the single-sided, detachable cord only plugs into one ear cup and stays out of your way. The Beats Studios weigh 9.7oz, which is about average for the best noise-reduction headphones. This set also folds into the included case for easy storage.

Beats by Dre offer various contact options if you need help with your noise cancellation headphones. Phone numbers and email forms are available on the website for direct access to technical support. You can also download the user manual or skim the FAQs. The official Beats website doesn’t have a live chat feature, but you can contact representatives via Facebook and Twitter. A one-year warranty also comes standard on these top noise-reduction headphones.


Sound-cancelling headphones need to feel good, look good and most importantly, sound good. The Beats Studio headphones might not be the most incredible sounding headphones, but they do a decent job of keeping your sound clean and strong while keeping unwanted noise out.

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