Sports Earbuds Review

Why Buy Sports Earbuds?

Sports earbuds stay in your ears during a workout or practice so that you can play games, go running and go to the gym while listening to music, podcasts or tutorial videos. Many also feature Bluetooth connectivity so that you can listen wire free and accept calls without pausing your workout. Sweat-resistant earbuds are also available, and they deflect rather than absorb sweat to stay clean. Sport earbuds like the Panasonic Water Resistant Sports Clip Earbud Headphones, Sennheiser OCX 685i Sports or Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones offer clips to keep the headphones on during activities and a variety of features, such as Bluetooth and microphones.

Sports Earbuds: What to Look For

Sport earbuds come in a variety of different styles, including regular earbuds and over-the-ear earbuds with ear hooks. They can be wireless or corded and may have extra features like noise isolation, waterproofing or built-in storage. Knowing which features you want helps you to find the best pair for your needs.

Corded or Wireless
Both corded and wireless sports earbuds are available, but choosing one over the other is largely a matter of convenience over quality. Wired earbuds offer the highest quality audio and connection, but may be inconvenient when wires get in the way, catch while you are running or otherwise pull out of your music player. Wireless models offer more convenience but may disconnect or offer lower sound quality, especially when you are around other Bluetooth devices.

Microphones & Calling Functions
If you want to make calls while using your sports earbuds, you will need to find a pair with a microphone and calling functionality. While not all sport earbuds offer a microphone, several do. However, the inclusion of a microphone means that the headphones are bigger and may have an attachment on the side.

Ear Hooks or Earbuds
Sports earbuds typically have an ear hook that goes over your ear to keep them in place. These are ideal if you want to work out at the gym, do a movement-based sport such as yoga or go running without constantly having your earbuds fall out. Because they go over the ear, they are much larger than standard earbuds. If you want a smaller pair, you can look for standard earbuds. However, these are more likely to come out of your ear and get lost, especially if they are wireless.

Noise Isolation
Noise isolation allows you to practice or work out without listening to cars, other people or anything else around you. This is advantageous in some areas, like a running path, park or gym, but disadvantageous where you have to be aware of your environment.

Waterproof or sweat-resistant earbuds are ideal for any sport that happens outside and good for any sport where you are likely to sweat a lot. However, most are water resistant rather than waterproof, so you have to pay very close attention if you are looking for a pair to swim in.

As you look for the right pair of sports earbuds, you will come across a wide variety of options. With so many styles and features to choose from, it is important to keep the activity you will most often be using them for and the above criteria in mind, so you can pick a pair that suit your exact needs.