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Stereo Headphones Reviews

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Stereo Headphones Review

Why Buy Stereo Headphones?

 Is there something missing from your music? When you press play, you expect magnificent, brilliant sound, so why are you getting flat, unresponsive music instead of the tones you crave? Most likely, your disappointment stems from using the default earphones that came with your music player. The answer? Use a great set of stereo headphones to unlock your music's rich sounds and definition with clarity you can hear from the first note.

It is hard to imagine a time that stereo headphones or earbuds were not available. Fortunately, stereo headphones have evolved from heavy, awkward metal earmuffs to comfortable, lightweight earbuds and noise reducing stereo headphones. While all stereo headphones convey sound, there are differences in their designs that affect their sound output. For example, some headphones fit on your ears, while others fit over your ears. Each of these styles will give you a different sound experience.

Stereo headphones come in various shapes, sizes and styles, and it can be tricky to decide which pair is right for you. Here you will find articles about stereo headphones, including reviews of our top-ranked headphones, the V-Moda Crossfade LP2, the Sennheiser HD 449 and the Audio Technica ATH-M35.

Stereo Headphones: What to Look For

Before you rush out to buy a pair of stereo headphones, take some time to learn about what features you should look for. The right pair that will you the best dynamic performance, fit correctly and be comfortable to wear. When choosing a pair of stereo headphones, consider the following key features:

Music is all about performance, and no two brands of headphones will give you the same sound. Look at the frequency range the headphones can reproduce as well as how they handle low, mid and high frequencies. Depending on the genres of music you listen to, you may want your headphones to have better bass or be able to give you clearer treble tones.

The design of your headphones impacts much more than just your image. If the headset is heavy or too bulky, it might be uncomfortable to wear, reducing your enjoyment. Take into consideration how much the headset weighs, the size of the drivers and the overall design. For instance, larger drivers are able to reproduce a wider range of sound, especially bass tones.

Many companies package extra accessories, such as extension cables, carrying cases or bags and plug adapters to help you get the most from your headphones. These accessories help you use your headphones with a variety of equipment, or keep your headphones safe from damage.

Even well-made products may occasionally break or not work properly. If you know your lifestyle is going to be hard on headphones, consider buying a pair with a good manufacturer’s warranty. Access to support and additional documentation lets you know that a company stands behind its products and can put your mind at ease, even if you never have any problems with the product.

Use these rating categories and our reviews to help you find the best set of stereo headphones for you. The right set will unlock your music's potential and allow your ears to enjoy the sounds they have been missing.

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