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Audio-Technica’s ATH series stereo headphones have a frequency response range of around 20 to 20,000Hz, depending on the model you choose. This is more than adequate to faithfully reproduce crisp highs and thumping lows, without making the mix too muddy. These headphones have a medium impedance level and are generally designed to be used with larger audio sources that can provide enough amplification power.

ATH series over-ear headphones are fairly light, weighing only around 7.4 ounces, and they are very comfortable to wear. The headsets are specifically built for studio monitoring, recording and mixing. However, they work very well in other situations where high fidelity is important. The drivers are powerful and can handle any genre of music without placing undue stress and strain on the speakers.

Because the headsets in this series have a closed-back design and are made with audio recording and mixing in mind, they isolate noise very well. ATH series headphones do a great job of keeping the sounds you want to hear inside the earcups and the ambient sound you don’t want to hear outside the earcups.

The large earcups and extra padding leave plenty of room for your ears without mashing them up against the speakers, so you can wear the headphones for hours at a time without discomfort. The long cables are ideal for studio settings, but it makes using the headphones with portable devices a little awkward and difficult since your device is potentially so far away.

These stereo headphones ship with a convenient carrying pouch that protects them from scrapes, scratches and minor bumps. Some of the headsets fold for compact storage and easy transport. A 1/4-inch adapter is also included so you can use the headphones with professional and stereo equipment. Since it’s a screw-on adapter, you always have a solid connection between your audio cable and the adapter.

ATH series headphones include a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event your headphones have defects in materials or workmanship, the manufacturer will repair the product free of charge or send a replacement if deemed necessary.

Audio-Technica ATH series stereo headphones produce high-quality sound with crisp definition in all types of music, and they are a great choice for anybody interested in recording and mixing audio tracks. The headsets are comfortable and light, and their foldable design makes it easy to take them on the road with you. Although they are better suited for use with high-fidelity equipment, such as home theater systems and mixing consoles, these stereo headphones also work well with portable devices.