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With more than 50 years of headphone manufacturing experience, Koss brings us its UR series stereo headphones. These capable headsets deliver clear, precise sound and can be used with portable devices or professional studio equipment.

The stereo headphones in Koss’ UR series are nicely balanced. Some of these headsets have frequency response ranges as wide as 15 to 22,000Hz, which means they reproduce tones above and below the average human hearing range. The subsonic and supersonic tones add more definition and clarity to the overall mix.

UR series headphones have excellent bass response and can handle all music genres without overwhelming or muddying the other frequencies. The mid and high frequencies are clear, and you can easily detect the different instruments in your songs. They also have a low impedance of 36 ohms, which means they are easily driven by most portable devices at a good volume level without losing any sound quality.

Compared to the earbuds and cheap headphones that come with most portable players, stereo headphones may seem bulky. Those in the UR series are moderately large compared to similar headphones, but they only weigh around 10.2 ounces, and the earcups swivel so they can lie flat and fit in a bag or luggage.

While the large earcups are designed to fit completely over your ears, the foam padding can be a little uncomfortable if your ears are larger than average. Additionally, because they are designed form a complete seal around the ear, the pads can cause some ear soreness after extended use.

Some models have earcups with open-screen designs on the outside, which looks good and allows for airflow. However, the tradeoff is that they don’t isolate sound very well. This means your music will leak out quite a bit, and people near you can hear what you are listening to whether they want to or not.

The 4-foot Koss Flex-cord doesn’t tangle easily and is the right length for use with portable players, but it is a little short if you want to use your headphones with your stereo or home theater system. The Y-style cables end in a 1/8-inch connector, and Koss does not include a 1/4-inch adapter.

These stereo headphones are well-built and will last a long time if you take care of them. All Koss products include a limited “no questions asked” lifetime warranty. This warranty covers normal use by the original purchaser. If you have a problem, even years after you purchase them, Koss will refund the purchase price, repair the product or send you a replacement.

The Koss UR series stereo headphones are great to use with portable players. They give you deep, well-defined bass; good instrument separation; and very nice clarity in the mid to high frequencies. However, depending on the model you choose, these audio headphones can leak sound, and they do not include an extension cable or plug adapter.