Panasonic is best known for its audio, television and video products, and while most people are familiar with its inexpensive earbuds, the company also manufactures a few high-quality, full-size stereo headphone models. Panasonic’s stereo headphones aren’t made for audiophiles; instead, they are designed to introduce listeners to a wider world of improved sound. Unassisted, Panasonic’s stereo headphones have good overall sound quality. The highs are very clear and crisp, but although they’re present, the mid- and low-range frequencies lack power. This can be corrected with an equalizer of some kind for your audio source.

Panasonic makes its over-ear headphones lightweight. The different models weigh between 1.2 ounces on the low end and 8.7 ounces for premium models. The lightest pairs feel flimsy, but the higher-quality headphones are made of durable, thick plastic. In general, stereo headphones have a tendency to squeeze the head too tightly, which can cause discomfort, but Panasonic headphones sit nicely on average-size heads. They also fit around the ears without too much pressure. They are comfortable to wear and well-suited for portable music players.

Panasonic’s stereo headphones have a classic old-school design that makes a statement while still being simple and elegant. Most of the headphones come in black, but some models can be purchased in blue, red, pink and solid white. This variety lets you choose between a subdued color or something bolder and brighter.

Only one of Panasonic’s stereo headphone models has noise-cancellation features. The rest isolate sound to a small degree, blocking some of the ambient noise around you but not all of it. If you play your music at low volumes, you can still hear people call your name or pick up conversations around you. For the most part, these headphones do a good job of keeping sound from leaking out, but those around you can hear what you’re playing when you listen to music at high volumes.

Panasonic makes stereo headphones with a classic retro look, excellent value and good sound quality. They aren’t the best over-ear headphones for audiophiles, but they are a great starting point to dive into the world of better sound.

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