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Skullcandy headphones are generally targeted at people involved in outdoor action sports like snowboarding or skateboarding, but the headphones in the Crusher series have a classic style and design that appeals to music lovers of all activity levels and walks of life. Not only do these stereo headphones sound good, but they also faithfully reproduce your music and look great.

The wired headphones in Skullcandy’s Crusher series have good audio performance. Sound is crisp and clear, and the Sensation55 driver creates deep, vibrating bass that lets you feel the music. These stereo headphones are great for listening to music on your portable music player, phone or laptop.

The earcups have three-panel cushioning and are covered with a form-fitting synthetic leather, and both features help seal the headphones to your ears to isolate sound and make them comfortable to wear. The Crusher series headphones are thicker than their predecessors, and they are made of sturdy polycarbonate.

One of the Crusher series headsets’ best features is the detachable audio cable. It has a built-in mic and volume control, so you can adjust the volume or take a phone call while the headphones are plugged into your cell phone. The audio cable is covered in braided nylon, which increases its lifespan and makes it resistant to tangling.

Skullcandy’s Crusher series headphones are portable. The design is easy to fold, and they lay flat in a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack. The detachable nylon cord makes them easy to store because you don’t have to awkwardly wrap it around the headphones. You can buy Crusher headphones in a variety of colors, including basic black, white, striped tan and navy, camouflage, and bright red.

The company includes limited lifetime warranty on all of its products. If you do encounter a problem or have a question, you can contact Skullcandy by email or phone. There is also a FAQs page on its website.

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are high quality and sound great. In addition to being fashionable, the headsets have earcups that fold in and a detachable cable, so you can pack them away and take them on the go.