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The Best Waterproof Headphones of 2017

Don't Forget Your Perfect Swimming Companion

Waterproof Headphones Review

Why Buy Waterproof Headphones?

You truly can take your music with you everywhere you go. No matter what sport you enjoy, whether it's swimming, running or something else, waterproof headphones will help you listen to the music you love while you stay active. These headphones are designed to provide quality sound even when they are submerged in water. Many of these underwater earbuds allow you to go down nearly 10 feet in the water for up to 30 minutes while still working at peak performance. The waterproof capabilities of these devices are superb, and if the earbuds become dirty or covered in sweat from an intense workout, simply wash them with water and a little soap. At the end of the day, you'll always have a clean pair of headphones with high quality sound.

Many of the best waterproof headphones provide several different sizes of earbuds to fit any ear canal. These provide a comfortable fit, so no matter what sport you are participating in or if you are swimming underwater, you will not need to worry about your earbuds falling out.

Waterproof Headphones: What to Look For

When you're looking for the best waterproof headphones, you need a product that provides you with powerful, high quality sound, a comfortable design and a variety of additional features such as the ability to work at great depths and for long periods of time. Below are the criteria we used to evaluate the best underwater headphones.

Sound Quality
The quality of the headphones is one of the most critical and important aspects. Many of these headphones can be submerged in water for long periods of time and still work at their full potential. Some of the best underwater headphones have ambient noise features that allow you hear the noises in your surrounding environment, while still listening to your music.

Comfortable Fit
When you use your sweat-proof headphones for all types of sports, you need a pair of earbuds that are comfortable and will not fall out. Many items provide several sizes of earbuds so that you can find the right fit for your ear canal. Each waterproof earbud is designed differently. Some underwater headphones are only earbuds, while others provide over-the-ear hooks to help keep the earbuds in place.

You can find waterproof earphones with reflective covers that can help others see you in lower light. You will also find many of the best swimming headphones in a variety of colors to match your style.

Some waterproof headphones provide several additional features that truly enhance them, while others are very basic. The best sweat-proof headphones include remote capabilities. This means that while you are in an intense workout and need to adjust the volume, you can use the remote located on the cord to turn it up or down. You will also want to look at the plug on these devices to ensure that they have a standard 3.5mm plug that will fit most of your electronic devices.

With a combination of the above elements, you can find waterproof headphones that will truly allow you to take your music everywhere you wish to go.