Pros / The sound quality is strong.

Cons / At just five hours, this pair of earbuds has the shortest battery life of all we tested.

 Verdict / The Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds have a built-in heart rate sensor and good sound quality; however, they are pricy and don't keep a strong seal.

The Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds are incredibly similar to our number three pick, the Jabra Sport Coach. The main difference is that this pair is fitted with a heart rate monitor while the Sport Coach only has a motion sensor.

Like the Pulse’s sibling, this pair of earbuds has rubber wings to secure the buds in place. Jabra even includes three different sized rubber tips to help you find a tight fit, but we struggled to get a good seal, which left us with weak bass and external noise bleeding in to the music. Other than this qualm, which you may not have to deal with if the tips fit, the sound quality is strong. The Pulse does a fine job at reproducing audio that doesn’t sound muffled or tinny.

The earbuds are pretty thick, but they don’t feel heavy and only weigh 0.56 ounces. The extra girth is mainly because of the heart monitor. They have a remote and microphone you can use to answer calls, tweak volume and skip tracks. Even though the fit wasn’t great during our testing, the earbuds were still comfortable, even after wearing them for several hours.

The battery life for this pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds is subpar – only five hours. Some other cordless earbuds have twice that battery life. The wireless range is also a bit of a disappointment. We were only able to move 55 feet away from our smartphone before our music started to skip, so make sure your smartphone is within reach when you are listening to music or using the earbud's built-in microphone for calls.

If you have an intense workout and are sweating bullets or get caught in the rain, the earbuds will be fine since they are water- and sweat-resistant. They are quite durable and didn't get ruined when we threw them in a gym bag, and we even forgot to store them in the included case.

To make use of the onboard heart rate sensor, you need to download the Jabra Sport app. Even though it is convenient that the Jabra Sports Pulse has a built-in heart rate monitor that automatically measures your pulse, we found that it wasn't always accurate. Plus, it takes about 20 seconds to get a full reading. For a more accurate view of your heart rate, we recommend getting a fitness tracker and a different pair of cordless earbuds instead.

Jabra provides multiple ways to get quick answers to your questions and problems. You can email or call customer support representatives, but Jabra doesn't have live chat support on its website. The warranty on the Jabra Sport Pulse earbuds lasts for a year and includes repairs.

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  1. This testing metric accounts for each pair of earbud's loudness.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 5  Jabra Sport Pulse
    65.0 dB
  3. 65.0 dB
  4. 66.0 dB
  5. 62.0 dB
  6. Category Average
    60.3 dB


The Jabra Sports Pulse is an interesting pair of earbuds with a water-resistant design and built-in heart rate sensor. Its sound quality is clear and the earbuds are comfortable, but the seal for the earbuds is weak, which leads to a loss in bass.

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