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Jaybird X2 Review

PROS / The sound quality for this pair of earbuds is fantastic.

CONS / There aren't any labels indicating which earbud is for your left or right ear.

 VERDICT / The Jaybird X2 wireless earbuds are twice as expensive as competing earbuds, but the high cost may be worth it for some, since the earbuds have phenomenal sound quality, keep a tight seal and have an impressive battery life.

Since wireless earbuds are so small, oftentimes their sound quality is weak and their battery is too short. The Jaybird X2 wireless earbuds are an exception. These wireless earbuds have an eight-hour battery life and were the best-sounding earbuds we tested, which is why they earn the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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  1. This testing metric accounts for each pair of earbud's loudness.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 2 Jaybird X2
    66 dB
  3. 65 dB
  4. 62 dB
  5. Category Average
    60.30 dB

Size & Fit

In order to achieve a good sound, you need a good seal first. Jaybird includes lots of ear tips and accessories to ensure a proper fit. You get six different-sized tips and a handful of fins, or winged-shaped pieces of rubber that rest in the arches of your ears. Jaybird goes the extra mile and includes tips made from both silicone and foam. When you find the right combination of material, size, tips and wings, the Jaybird X2s shouldn't budge, especially since there is a clip on the back of the cord for adjusting the length and tightness of the cord. One minor complaint: There aren't any labels to distinguish the left earbud from the right, which is equally confusing and annoying.

The wings may feel strange to some people and might take some getting used to, but, overall, these cordless earbuds are pretty comfortable, fit most people, and aren't irritating, even after wearing them for extended periods. The X2s also don't use hooks to go around your ear. If you prefer, you can wrap the cord around the top of your ear and insert the buds upside down, but how you wear them is up to you, as it should be.

Audio Performance

As mentioned previously, the Jaybird X2 earbuds were the best-sounding wireless earbuds we used. Like other earbuds, they too have exaggerated bass, but with the X2, it's not too powerful and suffocating like other earbuds are, these sound more detailed and clear than others. They reproduce the highs and lows for an array of genres with ease. The midrange isn't buried either. Even at a high volume, our pair of earbuds didn't distort the audio. Using a decibel meter, they clocked 66 decibels, making them the second-loudest pair we tested, only being beaten by the Sol Republic SHADOW.

We found that Jaybird's earbuds do a fantastic job at isolating external noise, which may not be favorable for cyclists or runners that need to hear traffic. If you wear the wireless earbuds for running or at the gym, they have a remote and mic so you can easily adjust volume, switch tracks and answer calls without needing to pull out your smartphone or MP3 player.

Battery & Connectivity

Equipped with a 100-mAh rechargeable battery, the Jaybird X2 cordless earbuds provide eight hours of battery life, plenty to make it through several workout sessions. They only take two hours to recharge, which is about average. We liked that Jaybird positioned the micro-USB charging port behind the casing of the right earbud. It's a small design touch, but a smart one, since the port is less likely to get exposed to sweat than it would if it was positioned on the remote.

Pairing the earbuds to your phone is extremely easy and took less than a minute. The Bluetooth range is more than impressive, too. We were able to move 90 feet away from the iPhone 5S that we paired with the Jaybird X2 before the signal began to cut out. This long length comes in handy especially at the gym if you don't have an armband for your smartphone. We were able to set our smartphone on a table about 40 feet away when jumping rope and had no trouble with signal loss. And they stayed secure in our ears too.


Like most other earbuds, the Jaybird X2 is sweat- and water-resistant. They won't break if you are rough with or drop them. A nice silicone case is included with the earbuds where you can store some tips and the charging cable. The case is small enough to toss in a purse, and it should even fit in a pair of gym shorts. The earbuds come in six different colors.

Help & Support

Jaybird has the most impressive warranty out of any pair of wireless earbuds we tested. They have a lifetime warranty against sweat damage, and a one-year warranty for everything else. If you have issues pairing the earbuds or they need service, you have several ways to reach Jaybird. You can do so by email, telephone, or even live chat. If you'd rather connect via social media, that's an option too.


The Jaybird X2 is one of the best pairs of wireless earbuds, but their impressive sound quality and good battery life will cost you. They are twice as expensive as other earbuds. Overall, though, they keep a tight seal, are pretty comfortable and are very adjustable.

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