Pros / The Powerbeats2 Wireless are extremely comfortable, so much so you may forget you are even wearing them.

Cons / The wireless signal occasionally breaks up.

 Verdict / These earbuds are mainly for people who want strong sounding bass or just the Beats brand. Their sound quality isn't bad, but it's not impressive either, and battery performance is below average.

The Powerbeats2 Wireless earbuds combine an impressive, easy-to-use design with good sound quality and decent battery life. However, when compared to other cordless earbuds, the Beats’ performance is just average and doesn’t justify their high price, which is twice as much as competing pairs.

One thing the Powerbeats2 do have going for them is comfort. This pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds is quite adjustable. They have a knob on the back of the cord you can slide to adjust the cord length for a tight, secure fit. The hooks that wrap around the backsides of your ears have an embedded flexible wire you can bend and adjust.

Apple also includes four pairs of silicone tips in an array of sizes. When you unbox the headphones, you should really take the time to figure out which size tips work best with your ear type to ensure you get a good seal. Once you find it, you can be confident that the earbuds will stay put in your ears. When we tested these buds, they remained stable and didn’t fall out during runs and while lifting weights. We also found that the Powerbeats2 wireless are one of the best pairs of wireless earbuds to wear for long periods of times. Some other pairs can start to feel uncomfortable after an hour or so of listening.

Although the Powerbeats2 wireless earbuds are comfortable, we can’t say they sound as good as they feel. Beats by Dre headphones are known for their punchiness and heavy bass, but we found that the bass was too overpowering and the sound quality suffered because of it. If you listen to a lot of hip-hop, rap or electronic music, you may appreciate the extra kick, but mellower songs seem unbalanced and sound sloppy. This isn’t to say the Powerbeats sounded bad; other wireless earbuds just sounded better.

These earbuds have a six-hour battery life, which is a little below average when compared to other pairs of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The battery still lasted an entire week of exercising, though.

We did have some issues with the wireless range while jumping rope and doing sit ups at the gym. The song we played kept skipping, which was annoying. Further testing proved that the earbuds could be used 60 feet away from our audio source (an iPhone 5S connected over Bluetooth), but for whatever reason, the earbuds didn't want to keep a signal during certain activities. We had no issues when running.

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  2. 7  Powerbeats2 Wireless
    40.0 dB
  3. 65.0 dB
  4. 66.0 dB
  5. 62.0 dB
  6. Category Average
    60.3 dB


The PowerBeats2 really aren't any better than earbuds that cost half as much – you are mainly paying extra for the Beats name. Sure, they have a strong bass response and are comfortable, but other earbuds have better sound quality, stronger wireless range and longer battery life.

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