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Scosche SportclipAIR Review

PROS / The earbuds are lightweight.

CONS / The remote control's button layout is odd and hard to get used to.

 VERDICT / These earbuds have a good sound quality and are comfortable. There is a chance that you may struggle to find a fit though, and the remote control layout is different than most other earbuds.

The Scosche SportclipAIR wireless earbuds get their name from their lightweight and sleek design. Weighing just 0.51 ounces, they are one of the more comfortable pairs of earbuds we tested. Scosche includes four different sizes of silicone tips to ensure you get a tight seal. The tips run slightly large in comparison to other earbuds, though, so you may struggle to find a seal.

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These cordless earbuds are easy to pair to your smartphone, and they provide a balanced, crisp and full sound. During our testing, they didn't struggle to reproduce the wide range of tones we threw at them. Hip-hop tracks with plenty of bass sounded strong and bellowing, and more delicate songs with string sections didn't sound tinny. They get about as loud as any other pair – we got a readout of 56 decibels while playing an electronica song, which is plenty loud enough to block out the gym radio. The earbuds do a fine job of blocking out external noise, if you find a seal. Even when the songs were on pause, they served as a good pair of earplugs.

  1. This testing metric accounts for each pair of earbud's loudness.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 6 Scosche SportclipAIR
    75 dB
  3. 65 dB
  4. 66 dB
  5. 62 dB
  6. Category Average
    60.30 dB

They have a battery life of just around seven hours, which is about average, and take about two hours to charge via an included micro USB cable. Like most cordless earbuds, they are sweat- and water-resistant.

When we wore them at the gym, they remained stable in our ears when running and lifting. One minor annoyance, though, is that the remote control’s buttons are mixed up. Typically, the top button increases volume, the center is for activating Siri and the bottom is for lowering volume. For whatever reason, Scosche places the Siri button on the bottom. This led to lots of accidental presses. Even after using the earbuds for a week, it still felt odd and led to lots of interruptions during workout sessions.

A nice cloth carrying case is included with the earbuds. It's large enough to also hold your keys or a pack of gum if you want. The SportclipAIR have a one-year warranty, which is the standard for other pairs of wireless earbuds. If you have any issues setting them up or using them, Scosche has several support options available. You can reach customer support by telephone, email and even live chat. It also has active social media accounts you can post on.


The Scosche SportclipAIR live up to their name; they are lightweight and sweat- and water-resistant, making them a good pair of workout earbuds. Their remote control is a little difficult to navigate, but they are a decent pair of earbuds, especially for their affordable price.

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