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Pros / These wireless headphones are light and have rechargeable batteries.

Cons / These headphones have a constant hiss in the background.

 Verdict / We do not recommend these headphones because of the poor sound quality.

The JVC HA-W600RF wireless headphones are easy to set up and are comfortable to use. However, there is a constant hissing noise in the background when listening. This noise is louder when you’re listening to quiet music or dialogue from a movie or TV show.


These JVC wireless headphones are plagued by an almost constant static hiss in the background. We tried increasing volume and input, but we were never able to get the hiss to disappear. The static noise increases as you get farther away from the transmitter and although the advertised range of the device is more than 150 feet, we found the sound quality to be very poor at more than 30 feet. There was almost no sound transmitted at more than 100 feet. The best way we found to reduce static was to be in the same room as the transmitter and not move around much.

The power on and off button is placed directly next to the volume control on the earphones. We found the placement of these two buttons to be dangerously close to one another and often found ourselves turning the device off when we only meant to turn the sound up or down.

When charging the JVC wireless headphones make sure they are plugged directly into the transmitter. If there is any error in placement, they will not charge at all. You might have to wiggle the device around until you get it just right.


The JVC HA-W600RF earphones have an innovative paging and calling feature that we found especially handy. You can page the wireless stereo headphones from the transmitter with the simple click of a button. When the earphones have been misplaced, you’ll be able to quickly find them by following the beeping sounds.

JVC wireless headphones are light and comfortable, weighing only 8 ounces. The ear-cups are not noise cancelling, but are snug and comfortable. They are also padded and even after extended use will not hurt. And the headband is adjustable and large enough to fit adults or children.

The wireless headphones utilize a radio frequency to broadcast from the transmitter to your headphones. The radio frequency has a larger range than infrared and Bluetooth devices. However, there are often problems with interference and static when using the radio headphones.


This JVC model, like all the best wireless headphones, can connect to almost any media source: Computers, MP3 players, TVs, radios etc. However, unlike many other products, these wireless headphones do not come with a carrying case. The rechargeable batteries are included with purchase and the transmitter serves as the base for recharging the batteries.

Help & Support

The product’s website provides an array of customer service options. Not only can you contact the manufacturer via email and telephone but the JVC website also provides a comprehensive section for frequently asked questions and user’s manuals.


The JVC HA-W600RF wireless headphones have poor sound quality and the bass is severely lacking. However, we did like the paging function to help find lost wireless headphones and the customer service options were top notch.

JVC HA-W600RF Visit Site