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Pros / The batteries recharge while resting on the transmitter.

Cons / These wireless headphones are extremely uncomfortable.

 Verdict / We do not recommend these wireless headphones because they have a weak audio transmission range.

The RCA WHP160 900MHz wireless headphones are designed to maximize space and to be as portable as possible by folding up when not in use. The ear cushions appear to be padded and comfortable, however, the headband is small and the earphones rest on the plastic portion which will likely irritate your ears after only a small amount of use.


Even the best wireless headphones can only be reliable at a range of about 30 feet. This model advertises a range of 150 feet. However, we found it extremely difficult to find the exact position to find a clear signal. We also noticed a static noise in the background throughout our entire test, until we turned up the source volume. After turning the volume completely up on the stand, we were able to eliminate the static noise. When we finally found the exact spot for the best sound quality, we were able to enjoy the sound, that is, until our head began to hurt from the headphones.

The ear-cups are cushioned and noise cancelling, but the hard plastic part that sticks through the cushion will irritate your head. Also, the adjustable foldable earloop looks great and is ultra-portable, but it is also small and tight on your head. If you have a very small head, these wireless headphones might work for you, but for the rest of us, they are uncomfortable and difficult to use.


One of the most useful features about the RCA WHP160 900MHz wireless headphones is the rechargeable batteries that are included. Simply rest the product on the transmitter and the batteries will begin to charge. The battery life is approximately 8 to 10 hours.

The volume control is located on the transmitter, as well as the wireless stereo headphones. The design is sleek and the controls are inconspicuously hidden and do not take up too much room. They are easy to use and the device is simple to setup. After connecting the transmitter to the audio source and turning on the wireless headphones, we were able to instantly listen to all our favorite music, TV and games.

There are three ways that earphones can be wireless; infrared, Bluetooth and radio frequencies. Infrared uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) and the range is limited. To use infrared devices you must be in the same room as the transmitter. Bluetooth technology is even more limited and you must be within a few feet of the transmitter device while using the wireless headphones. However, radio frequency wireless devices have a large range and can provide clear audio. The RCA model we reviewed uses radio frequencies to transmit the audio.


This RCA wireless headphones model comes with everything you’ll need to get started listening to music right away. There are a variety of audio output sources that are compatible with these earphones and you will be able to listen to everything from your iPod to the Sunday afternoon football games.

Help & Support

The customer service options offered by the manufacturer are limited. We were only able to find an online contact form and some frequently asked questions. We were not able to contact the manufacturer by telephone or chat with a technical support representative on the website. The manufacturer includes a limited one-year warranty with purchase of the product.


The RCA WHP160 900MHzwireless headphones have a quality sound, if you can find a way to get past all the background static. Also, the earphones are extremely uncomfortable for an adult and the RCA customer service options are limited.

RCA WHP160 Visit Site