Pros / LG’s Cinema 3D technology is one of the most immersive and evolved 3D technologies on the market.

Cons / The 55-inch TV has just three HDMI ports.

 Verdict / With a gorgeous picture and Cinema 3D technology, this TV is one of the most well-rounded TVs on the market.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued.You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

LG is one of the most prominent companies in 3D TVs, and the company makes one of the best 3D TVs on the market, the LG LB7200 LED TV. Not only does this TV have one of the best display panels, but it is also jam packed with Cinema 3D technology and smart features. 

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Display & Audio

A great picture is a necessity in the best 3D TVs. Most passive 3D sets (as compared with active 3D) find slight degradation of picture quality when converting 2D to 3D content. Passive 3D splits the picture in two – a left-eye image and right-eye image – so the glasses can combine the images to make the screen 3D. Highlighted on this LG TV is the IPS Panel. LG is one of the world leader’s in panel manufacturing and many store brand TVs use LG panels in their TVs. The IPS Panel produces a crisp clean picture for this 3D LED TV. Full 1920x1080 high definition looks vibrant and 3D content looks clean without many problems like ghosting. Ghosting is when part of the split image shows up on one side when it should only show up on the other side, almost like seeing a 3D image. Lower-end 3D TVs will have this problem, but this LB series of LG TVs is top-notch and the Cinema 3D technology is one of the best.


The Cinema 3D technology on the LG Smart 3D LED TV is one of the best in the business. It comes with four pairs of 3D glasses, while most others only come with two. The 3D imagery on this screen is vibrant. You can control how much 3D you get on this TV with depth control. With this feature you can heighten or lessen the 3D appearance on the screen. Cinema 3D also includes sounds; the LG speakers “zoom” sound. LG’s 3D Sound Zooming technology, which uses complex algorithms to project sounds at various ‘depths’ to match the depth of multiple 3D visual elements. This adds to an immersive realism for your theater system.

One of the more innovative features is the 3D split screen for gaming. Each player can wear glasses and see only their player on the screen, while hiding the other player. Both players see the full screen, eliminating the need for the traditional split screen.

Another notable feature on this TV is the built-in web features. You can connect your TV to the internet using a hard line or Wi-Fi. This TV has smart TV features that give access to features such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus without the need for extra equipment like a Roku or Apple TV. Clicking and accessing content is easy too with LG’s Magic Remote. The remote can be used like a wand; you can point at the content and click. It is easier than scrolling through and using the direction arrows to click on content. Because the remote has voice recognition, you can use simple voice commands.


With all the equipment that is available to connect to your TV, you will need enough inputs for all of your devices. Although other top 3D TVs have four HDMI ports, this LG TV only has three. It’s not a deal breaker because three is can still support a good number of high-definition devices like Blu-ray players, satellite boxes and game systems.

This TV sports three USB connections, which is more than most other TVs in our 3D TV review. It also has shared component and composite connections for any older or non-HD devices you would like to connect.

Help & Support

The LG company is one of the largest home entertainment companies in the world. It has a large customer service department that can handle support questions live on the telephone or through live chat on its website. If you would like to email LG instead, the website grants you access to its email support team. The website also has a FAQs section and a large customer knowledgebase in case you want to find answers yourself.


With an amazing picture and functional features, it’s easy to see why the LG Smart 3D TV is one of the best 3D TV choices you can make. The beautiful display suffers a slight downgrade displaying the passive 3D content. Regardless, it is one of the best full HD displays on the market. Its Cinema 3D technology is ahead of most of its competitors, and the smart TV functions top it all off. This LG LED TV is top-notch and makes a great addition to any 3D home theater system.

LG 3D LED 55LB7200 Visit Site