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Pros / This smart TV allows you to browse countless websites, watch movies, play games and enjoy TV programming.

Cons / The Magic Motion remote doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard; instead, it works with a built-in motion sensor.

 Verdict / With internet access and space for about one thousand apps, this smart TV provides one of the best internet-ready TV experiences.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Internet TVs here.

The LG 42LS5700 is a web-ready HDTV that allows you to watch your favorite shows, browse the internet and play games, all from the convenience of your internet-ready TV. Similar to a smartphone, the LG 42LS5700 comes with apps and the ability to add additional apps. This allows you to customize your smart TV with the programs, music and games you enjoy most.

This internet-ready TV comes with component, composite and HDMI inputs, and great customer service to make the set-up process simple and quick. The LED screen on this internet TV is perfect for rooms that have a lot of ambient light. The high resolution and low response time make your picture clear and crisp.


The LG 42LS5700 allows you to watch your favorite movies on Netflix. You have the ability to search the internet for information, show your friends that YouTube clip you love, check your Facebook news feed, download games to play, browse the apps store and much more.

You have the ability to connect the LG 42LS5700 to an internet connection via Ethernet. Additionally, this internet-ready TV also possesses Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect wirelessly to your network. You don't need an internet connection to watch TV. However, without an internet connection, you can't access the internet apps. Your wireless internet connection comes separate from your LG 42LS5700 TV.

Browsing the internet is easy on this smart TV. Use the LG 42LS5700's on-screen keypad to type the URL of the website you want to browse. Keep track of your favorite websites and internet history on your internet-ready TV. This cuts down on the time it takes you to search by saving the URLs for websites you visit frequently.

This internet-ready TV allows you to make distinctions on the types of YouTube videos you enjoy watching, and then it streams those videos back to back. On Facebook, you'll be able to see profile pictures, but you won't be able to see the photos in the photo gallery or watch movies on others' walls.

You'll find Netflix, YouTube Leanback (which is a form of YouTube that allows you to watch continuous movies without having to type and click), MLB.TV, Facebook and Twitter on your smart TV. You can also receive Premium sites in addition to those on the basic home dashboard.

The first tier of premium sites includes the basic sites listed above with the addition of CinemaNow, Napster, NBA, VUDU and Amazon VOD. The second tier of internet sites for your internet-ready TV include AP, Viewster, i.Play, vTuner, Picasa, Google Maps, Funspot and Accuweather. Some apps, such as Netflix, have subscription fees.

In addition to the basic and premium apps that are preinstalled, you can purchase additional applications at the LG app store, which you can access on your smart TV. The store makes it easy to find just what you're looking for. In a few clicks of your remote, you can download the apps you want. The LG 42LS5700 can hold approximately 1,000 applications.

Display & Audio

This internet-ready TV boasts a 42-inch screen with 1080p resolution, a frame rate of 120 Hz and easy picture calibration. The LG 42LS5700 has an LED screen with backlighting. The screen has a response time of 2.4 milliseconds, which is much faster than your eye can perceive, so you won't see blurring on your screen during action sequences.

The average power consumption for the LG 42LS5700 is 125 watts. This LED HDTV meets Energy Star approval. Although the energy setting on your LG 42LS5700 can save you money on your energy bill, you'll notice a difference in the brightness of your screen when it's on. If the darker screen bothers you, you can turn off the energy setting.

This smart TV comes with two 10-watt speakers and a Dolby Digital Decoder. You can further alter the sound with bass, treble and balance controls. The LG 42LS5700 comes with five sound modes: standard, music, cinema, games and sports.

LG's internet-ready TV also comes with a child lock that allows you to block TV shows that have certain ratings. This technology comes in a V-chip. However, the V-chip doesn't filter or block internet content.

The LG 42LS5700 includes three USB 2.0 ports and four HDMI/HDCP inputs on the side. Its rear inputs include one RF antenna/cable input, one AV input, two component video input (including Y, Pb, Pr and audio), one RGB (D-Sub 15pin) PC input and a PC audio input. This smart TV also comes with an optical digital audio output and a headphone connection. It is also a DLNA-certified internet-ready TV, meaning that it can communicate with other electronic devices in your home that are on the same network.

LG's smart TV is 38.5 inches wide, 23.4 inches tall and 1.4 inches thick without the stand. If you include the stand, it is 26 inches tall and 10.6 inches thick (the width stays the same). It weighs 12.7 pounds without the stand and 15.1 pounds with the TV stand.


The LG 42LS5700 comes with a Magic Motion remote. It works much like a mouse, in that the curser responds on the screen to the up, down and side-to-side motions you make with it. By moving your remote, you direct an arrow on the screen that allows you to drag and drop objects or type on the on-screen keyboard. The Magic Motion remote only hosts a few buttons: power, home, ok, mute, direction buttons, and two toggle buttons for the volume and channels. However, that's still enough to easily navigate through the options and search for the content you want.

Customize your LG 42LS5700 dashboard to hold the apps you use most. Your dashboard is the main menu page. On this page, you can keep track of TV channels, movies, games and apps. The menu also has a search feature, full browser, media links and access to the app store.

The LG 42LS5700 has an integrated search feature, meaning you can search for programs, games and movies at the same time. Unfortunately, you can't perform more than one task at a time. For instance, you can't watch TV while browsing the internet or playing a game.

Help & Support

The internet-ready TV comes with a one-year parts-and-labor limited warranty. You can contact the manufacturer for help and support via email, telephone or live chat. LG's customer service is helpful and friendly. The live chat feature has real people who answer your questions instead of general, computer-automated responses. The website has a knowledgebase where you can go to find answers to basic smart TV questions..


The LG 42LS5700 provides a smooth picture and easy remote control navigation. It's simple to buy apps, and you can organize them on your dashboard by dragging and dropping them with the Magic Motion remote. You can browse many websites and access movies through applications such as Netflix and YouTube. Be aware that some applications require a subscription, and that your home internet connection supplies the internet connectivity for your LG 42LS5700 TV.

LG 42LS5700 Visit Site