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Wireless Earbuds Review

Why Buy Wireless Earbuds?

Music can enhance any moment. Try watching your favorite movie without the soundtrack. An action scene that previously got your adrenaline pumping will seem awkward. With the invention of portable music players and smartphones, you're able to have your own soundtrack. One of the best times for this is when you're exercising. It doesn't matter if you're training for a marathon or lifting weights in a gym – music can motivate you to run faster, push harder and get fitter.

However, traditional earphones have limitations that can be frustrating. The cord easily tangles like a set of Christmas lights in your pocket or gym bag. The cord bounces wildly around when you run and can snag on things, which can pull them off your head. The wires within the cord easily wear out from so much movement. Going wireless gives you the freedom to move about as you wish. Going wireless means you can focus more on your workout. Going wireless means you never have to untangle a mess of cords.

Sweat is another reason why most traditional earbuds fail. Moisture seeps into the electrical components and destroys the audio quality. Before long, it can destroy the earphones altogether. The best wireless earbuds need to be capable of handling your most intense workouts without falling apart. The Jabra Sport Pulse, Jaybird BlueBuds X and Denon AH-W150 are excellent examples of wireless earbuds that offer great audio, an excellent fit and comprehensive durability. To learn more, you can check out our articles on wireless earbuds.

Wireless Earbuds: What to Look For

As with any earphone, whether traditional or wireless, the most important feature is audio quality. The music is the primary reason you want earbuds. After audio quality is comfort. They need to fit comfortably on your ears with minimal adjustment. They should also have security features to ensure that they don't easily fall out. Your wireless in-ear headphones also need to be durable. You should be able to provide your soundtrack wherever you go. Here are the categories we considered for the best wireless earbuds.

Audio Performance
We tested each set of wireless earphones with a variety of musical genres for audio quality. The best audio quality scores represent audio that is balanced with deep bass, warm mids and detailed highs. There shouldn't be any clipping, and the distortion caused by the wireless decompression should be minimal. We also considered the frequency response of each earbuds' driver. The best wireless earbuds are capable of reaching the full spectrum of human hearing – 20Hz to 20kHz.

You should also consider the battery life for music streaming and talking on the phone. Wireless earphones also have microphones, allowing you to answer phone calls. We also considered features like voice dialing and noise reduction technology.

Comfort Features
Everyone's ears are different. What is comfortable to one person may not be comfortable for you. As such, the more options you have for the wearing style, the better chance you'll have of finding the perfect fit. This starts with earbud size options. The best wireless earbuds provide at least four sizes. Weight can also be important. The lighter the earbuds are, the less you'll realize you're wearing them.

The wearing style also provides security. The most secure is the over-ear style. The ear fin stabilizer fits in the concha of your ear – the bowl-shaped area outside your ear canal. The angled in-ear style places the earbuds at the optimal angle for support within your ear canal. The best wireless earbuds provide the most secure fits by giving you each wearing option.

Durability Features
Most wireless Bluetooth earbuds are sweat proof, but the best are also water resistant. The difference is in how much water and moisture they can handle. Water-resistant wireless earbuds can be washed off, worn in the rain, or taken kayaking and paddleboarding. The best wireless earbuds are also impact resistant and sand resistant. Unless you're going scuba diving, you should feel confident in each environment you take them into. The best wireless earbuds for running also integrate with fitness apps that keep track of your routes, calories burned and consumed, heart rate and fitness goals.

Help & Support
The industry-standard warranty is for one year. If you have questions or issues, you should be able to contact your headphones' support staff through phone and email. Since there's a lot of technology packed into these wireless devices, you should also look for FAQs pages, glossaries and downloadable manuals.

There's no need to tether yourself to your smartphone or music player with a cord anymore. Going wireless gives you the freedom to be more mobile, more active and more connected to your favorite music.