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Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Review

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PROS / It only takes two or three passes at most over each area, with no problematic spots.

CONS / It has a very high vibration.

 VERDICT / This Braun Series 7 790cc-4 electric razor provides a close and smooth shave without irritation, the best overall shave you can get from an electric razor.

The Braun Series 7 790cc-4 electric razor for men provides a close, smooth shave without much effort on your part. This Braun razor earned our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its shaving performance, included accessories, exceptional features and long cordless running time. During testing, it provided excellent shaving results, and it's easy to maintain with its cleaning and charging dock.

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This Braun electric shaver has both wet and dry capabilities, which means you can use it while shaving in the shower, with shaving cream or just on dry facial hair. Unlike most electric razors, it has three shaving modes – extra sensitive, normal and intensive.

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Shaving Performance

This razor's overall shaving performance helped it climb to the top of our lineup. In our testing, it provided a very smooth shave. We were also able to get a close shave by only passing the razor over the same area two or three times maximum, which is what you should expect from the best electric razor.

Unlike with many electric razors, there weren't any problem areas, such as the chin or jaw line, when we shaved with this Braun razor. Its pivoting shaving head makes it easy to shave the usual problem areas.

This electric shaver has a triple-action cutting system. This system features twin foils and an integrated middle trimmer, which allows the razor to shave closer and cut both short and long facial hair. The middle trimmer captures the flat-lying facial hair that can often be a nuisance to shave.

You get 50 minutes of cordless running time with this electric shaver, and it takes one hour to recharge from a dead battery, which is normal on both accounts. You can also use this electric razor while it's plugged into a power cord if necessary, and it has a quick-charge function, which lets you charge the unit for just five minutes in order to get enough battery power for one shave.

Razor Design

This Braun Series 7 unit doesn't lack any of the features we like to see in an electric razor. It has a battery indicator, precision trimmer, corded option and a quick-charge option. The LCD screen displays the battery, charging and hygiene statuses. The battery indicator has six levels, so you'll always know how much battery power is left and when it's time to recharge. The hygiene status also has six levels. Additionally, the display tells you when it's time to change the foils.

Although most, if not all, electric razors come with a precision trimmer, they aren't always built into the unit like the one on the Braun 790cc-4 and have to be attached separately. This razor's built-in trimmer allows you to switch back and forth between the blades and trimmer while shaving instead of just using one at a time.


This Braun shaver has a charging dock and cleaning station in one, so when you're not using the razor, you can place it in the dock and it will charge and clean at the same time. You can also rinse the razor under tap water after each use, but the cleaning station gives it a more thorough clean. We found this razor very easy to clean, whether you use the cleaning station or just tap water.

The Braun Series 7 foil shaver measures 6.25 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches, and it weighs 2 pounds. Although the size is pretty standard for an electric razor, it is a bit on the heavy side compared to other models on our lineup. However, during our testing, it felt normal in the hand and very light, though it did seem to have a high vibration.

Warranty & Support

Braun backs the razor with a two-year warranty. This is the length of coverage that you see on the majority of electric razors. You can contact Braun for support by phone or email. You can also view FAQs on its website.


The Braun Series 7 790cc-4 electric shaver for men has excellent features and outstanding shaving performance. It offers a very smooth and close shave without much effort, and it won't irritate your face. It also includes a handful of convenience features that make this razor simple to use and maintain.

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