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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Sometimes electric razors may not seem very appealing when compared to traditional razor blades, but when a full-featured electric razor like the Wahl 9937 enters the stage, there is simply no comparison in functionality. The 9937 is what Wahl calls a triple play, featuring three interchangeable heads. This electric razor ships with three heads: the triple rotary razor head, a full-sized trimmer and a detailer.

The 9937 uses a lithium ion battery, which provides it with plenty of run-time. The battery should last long enough for 45 uses, or up to 2 hours. To recharge the battery completely, this electric razor will need two hours. However, the 9937 also features a 3-minute quick charge, which will give you enough juice to get through a shave. With such a versatile battery, this electric razor is ready whenever you need it.

This electric shaver also comes with several trimmer guide combs. These combs enable you to style and maintain your facial hair, no matter what length. If you like to let your hair grow out, the 9937 gives you many tools and options to keep your beard looking good. The interchangeable trimmer head allows you to maintain more than just your facial hair. Giving yourself a haircut or making sure your sideburns are even is a breeze with this electric razor. The detail head lets you fine-tune your facial features and your haircut so that they look exactly how you want them to.

The best electric shavers provide you with versatility, a close shave and cause very little skin irritation. Wahl created the 9937 with versatility as the core principle, and each interchangeable head does its job well. The triple rotary shaver head gives you a close shave and glides over your skin, leaving a smooth and undisturbed face in its wake.

In addition to the interchangeable heads and trimmer guide combs, the 9937 also comes with a beard and mustache comb, cleaning brush, blade oil and storage pouch. In addition to the many features that are packed into this electric razor, a limited five-year warranty guarantees that the 9937 will do its job for an extended period of time.