Pros / This blow dryer comes with a four-year warranty.

Cons / It is heavier than many products we tested.

 Verdict / The Conair Infiniti Pro features powerful technology to dry hair, but it lacks several features that you may find in comparable products.

This professional blow dryer features 1,875 watts, ionic and ceramic technology, and an AC motor. It is also covered under a four-year warranty. However, it does have a few drawbacks, which is why it didn’t rank higher in our lineup.

Our testers were not so thrilled with this hair dryer. They stated that while this hair dryer did dry hair well, it was louder and heavier than the others they tested. We measured Conair Infiniti's weight at 19.8 ounces and its sound level at 94 decibels, which makes this the third heaviest and the second loudest device in our hair dryer reviews.

With 1,875 watts, there is plenty of power for all hair types. The high number of watts is ideal for thick and coarse hair. Plus, you can use this dryer on low settings for thin hair. This blow dryer features an AC motor, which provides added power, and Conair claims it features 50 percent faster drying time than a traditional DC motor. Furthermore, this professional blow dryer features three heat settings and two speed options so you can get the results you need without over-drying and damaging your hair.

This professional blow dryer features ionic and ceramic technology. The ionic technology helps reduce frizz, and the ceramic technology helps keep your hair healthy and strong. Overall, the design of this Conair blow dryer is similar to that of other comparable hair dryers. It is heavy, weighing just over 2 pounds. It features a two-toned color design, which gives this hair dryer a sleek appearance.

One drawback to the Conair Infiniti Pro is it only includes one attachment – a concentrator. This tool allows you to direct airflow to certain areas so you can easily style your hair as you dry it. However, we would like to see additional attachments included with the product, such as a diffuser or a pick.

A four-year warranty is included with this ceramic ionic hair dryer, which we are pleased to see. This is one of the longest warranties we saw available on this type of product. Many similar products are only covered under warranty for one to two years. The best warranties are five years or more.

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The Conair Infiniti Pro is a powerful blow dryer with many benefits. It helps reduce frizz and keep your hair healthy. It is powerful enough for thick hair, but is also good for thin hair on low settings. Plus, its four-year warranty is one of the best we saw in our comparison. However, we are disappointed in the lack of attachments, and it is heavier and louder than many similar products we reviewed.

Conair Infiniti Pro 294 Visit Site

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