Pros / This hair dryer has a really good temperature range.

Cons / The cool shot button is difficult to press.

 Verdict / The Xtava White Allure packs a good amount of power, but the relatively high sound level and weight make it less desirable than others on our review.

As a salon-grade hair tool company, Xtava produces professional straighteners, curlers, hair dryers and more. The Xtava White Allure professional hair dryer features ionic ceramic heating technology and 2,200 watts of power, making it a good choice for thick hair.

We had several volunteers with different hair types test the White Allure to get a feel for a typical user experience. A recurring comment from our testers was that the cool shot button was difficult to press, felt uncomfortable to use and even seemed unsafe. Unlike most hair dryers that feature a cool shot button, the mechanism didn't have a plastic casing over it and felt like it could break easily.

One of the best features about this hair dryer is its wide temperature range. With its coolest setting at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and its hottest setting at 150 degrees, the Xtava White Allure can reach low temperatures that are good for curly and fine hair while also reaching warmer but not scalding temperatures for thick hair.

Our testers also stated that this hair blow dryer was relatively heavy and loud, especially compared to some of the other hair dryer brands we tested. We weighed this hair blow dryer at 19.6 ounces and measured the noise level at 93 decibels, which means that this was one of the loudest and heaviest hair dryers in our review. To put this in perspective, the lightest dryer we reviewed only weighed 13.9 ounces and the quietest hair dryer measured at 85 decibels.

With its air speed ranging from 18 mph at its lowest setting to 22 mph at its highest setting, the Xtava White Allure has a decently strong blast that will dry different hair types without blowing them around too much or not giving enough air. This hair dryer has a relatively short cord that only measures at seven feet and eight inches. The best dryers have cord lengths of nine feet or more because this gives you enough length to move in any way you need to as you dry your hair. This is an ionic ceramic hair dryer so it helps reduce frizz, and keeps your hair healthy and strong. It also features an AC motor, which means that it will last longer than a DC motor hair dryer would.

The Xtava White Allure only comes with one attachment – a white concentrator that matches the color of the hair dryer. While this concentrator worked well for our testers, higher-ranking dryers generally come with more attachments, such as a diffuser, so they will work with a wider range of hair types.

This model has a one-year warranty, which is pretty average for the hair dryers in this review. The best warranties cover a hair dryer for at least five years. If you need to reach a customer representative, Xtava offers email support, but there is no telephone number or live chat.

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With its relatively high speed settings, mid-range temperatures and powerful 2,200 watts the Xtava White Allure will work well for thick hair types. However, due to its loud noise-level, heavy weight, limited attachments and other features, this hair dryer isn't as good of a choice as others in our review.

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1 Year
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7' 8"
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