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Although the Samsung WA9000 top-load washing machine does not offer the most cost-effective laundry solution, it comes close. The generous 5.6-cubic-foot drum means you can do a lot more laundry at once than you could with a traditional washer. You also get several wash cycles and options to help you do your laundry your way – in fact, there’s even a "favorite" wash cycle that allows you to customize a load that you can save and use later. The matching dryer, the Samsung DV56H9000EW, has an Eco Dry system which is designed to decrease energy use by 25 percent with each load. In addition to being safer for the environment, this technology can save you an estimated $4,500 over the lifetime of the washer and dryer.

The unit's Energy Star certification means you’ll save money on your energy and water bill every month compared to traditional energy-sucking, water-wasting machines. If you look at the combined energy costs and water consumption of this Samsung and compare it to top-load washing machines of the old days, you’ll see that you’re saving quite a bit of money. All told, you’re only paying around $31 annually to operate this machine.

The 5.6 cubic feet of space you get in the washtub of this top-load washer – especially without an agitator – translates into a huge amount of space for your laundry. You can easily fit big, fluffy bedding into this washing machine, saving you the inconvenience and expense of taking items to the dry cleaner or laundromat. Also, the bigger the washer's capacity, the fewer loads there are to do throughout the week.

The best top-load washing machines give you myriad choices, and Samsung does an excellent job of giving you the cycles and options you need. There are 15 wash cycles and 11 options that help you create just the right combination of wash, rinse and spin for your clothes.

The wash cycles on this Samsung top-load washer include both standard wash cycles you expect to see on a washing machine and specialty wash cycles. The standard wash cycles on this unit are heavy duty, permanent press, delicates and color, which gives you plenty of variety. Specialty wash cycles include active wear, bedding, towels, infant wear and a cycle for cleaning the washtub. You can choose from five soil levels and six wash-and-rinse temperatures for every load of laundry. Samsung included vibration-reduction technology to keep each load of laundry balanced and quiet, which can be a huge asset when you live in a small home where sound carries.

This Samsung washer has the following additional wash options: delay start, extra rinse, a signal silencer, child lock, aqua jet, eco plus, deep clean, add-a-garment and a customizable cycle. You do get a pre-soak option, but not specifically a pre-wash or stain-treatment option, although choosing steam to clean your garment can help knock out any stains.

The aqua-jet option uses powerful spray jets to deep clean clothes. Select the eco-plus wash option when you want to use less hot water. The deep-clean option provides better cleaning performance by using the aqua-jet spray action.

This top-loading washing machine has a child lock option, which ensures that any buttons pressed by little fingers don't start the washer until you unlock it.

Samsung provides a decent warranty for this top-load washer. For the first year, you get coverage for the unit’s parts and labor if there are any defective parts. Additionally, a lengthy 10-year warranty covers the unit’s motor, and the washtub has three-year coverage.

You won’t have any issues getting help and support from Samsung, warranty-related or not. You can contact Samsung by phone, email or via live chat on its website. Samsung also provides access to the unit’s user manual, FAQs and tutorials on its website. This washer also has Smart Care functionality, which allows you to perform an immediate diagnosis on the washer, if you are having an issue, from your smartphone, potentially eliminating the need to contact customer service.

The Samsung WA9000 is a high-efficiency top-load washer with a large washtub that lets you do a lot of laundry with each load. This not only cuts down on the number of loads you have to do, but can lower your energy consumption. You also benefit from a variety of wash cycles and options that let you wash any type of load, and this unit is exceptionally quiet thanks to its vibration-reduction technology.