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BrickHouse Camscura Pro 255-BLACK-BOX-PRO Review

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PROS / The Camscura Pro has an excellent collection of recording modes.

CONS / This unit's 90-day warranty is shorter than any other hidden camera we reviewed.

 VERDICT / The Camscura Pro is a small secret camera powered by a battery, so you can hide it almost anywhere, which makes it a versatile choice for any home or business. Still, its warranty is rather weak.

The BrickHouse Camscura Pro, formerly known as the Black Box Pro, is a different kind of hidden camera. It has two disguises, and the recording triggers on this hidden security camera are the most advanced of any product in our review. The technical support options do not offer the same value as those of other secret cameras.

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The Camscura Pro has an edge over the competition with its multiple recording modes. In addition to continuous, scheduled and motion-triggered recording, the Camscura Pro can also begin recording if the unit detects vibration, body heat and audio. To clarify, this secret camera does not record audio, which is illegal in many states, but uses a microphone to control when recording starts and stops. These make the Camscura Pro the hidden camera with the most advanced recording triggers in our review.

  1. This is how many consecutive images a camera displays per second. The higher fps, the better.
    Higher is better
  2. 6 BrickHouse Camscura Pro
    20 fps
  3. 30 fps
  4. 30 fps
  5. 12 fps
  6. Category Average
    26.89 fps

The hidden camera's other recording options are typical of the industry. These options include color video, a built-in DVR, adjustable recording quality and still image capture but not a remote control. If you want to disguise your Camscura Pro, you can choose from two disguises: a smoke detector and a thermostat, but these are just shells and do not give this hidden camera for home and business dual functionality. In addition, these disguises must be purchased separately, which increases the initial price of the unit. Similarly, this secret camera does not come with an SD card, which you must also purchase individually.

The Camscura Pro's design has many notable features. The camera records video at a high resolution of 1280 x 720. You can adjust the frame rate of 20 frames per second down to one frame per second if necessary. A large battery supplies power to the unit for up to 36 hours of recording and six months of standby time, but you still need to remember to recharge the battery if the unit is in constant use.

BrickHouse Security offers a 90-day warranty on the Camscura Pro. This warranty doesn't compare very well with the one-year and lifetime warranties of the other products in our review. This is a significant contributor to the product's low ranking. The company offers telephone support, email support and a user manual in the event that you need help with the Camscura Pro. BrickHouse Security does not offer a live chat support option.


The BrickHouse Camscura Pro performs admirably as a hidden camera, especially because of its assortment of recording modes, which is a quality of the best hidden cameras. However, the camera's miniscule warranty limits the camera's long-term surveillance potential. If you're willing to invest in a separate memory card and disguises, the Camscura Pro is a decent hidden camera for most homes.

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