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MiniGadgets HCAndroidDock Review

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PROS / The HCAndroidDock has a wide-angle camera lens.

CONS / This hidden camera does not come with a memory card; you have to supply your own.

 VERDICT / Because of its excellent disguise and wide field of view, the HCAndroidDock is a decent hidden camera for surveying homes and businesses. However, without the ability to adjust recording quality or schedule recordings, your options are limited.

The MiniGadgets HCAndroidDock has the dual functionality of a hidden camera and a charging station for your Android smartphone. This device records HD video and gets its power from a USB connection. The camera on this unit has a wide field of view, which gives it an edge over many other hidden cameras.

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The HCAndroidDock comes complete with full-color HD video, and it can take decent still images. You can manage your recording settings with a simple remote control that lets you switch between the motion- and continuous-recording modes. This secret camera model does not have a scheduled-recording mode, and you cannot adjust video quality to save on storage space.

  1. This is how many consecutive images a camera displays per second. The higher fps, the better.
    Higher is better
  2. 9 MiniGadgets HCAndroidDock
    30 fps
  3. 30 fps
  4. 30 fps
  5. 12 fps
  6. Category Average
    26.89 fps

This hidden security camera’s most impressive feature is its wide-angle camera lens. The lens’s 120-degree field of view can capture more of action than most of the other hidden cameras in our review. When you combine this with high-definition 1280 x 720 video, you can discern small details that can help law enforcement officials identify a person who enters your home or business. This camera also has a frame rate of 30 frames per second, which guarantees smooth video playback.

A built-in DVR saves your security footage to a microSD card located in the bottom of the dock. The HCAndroidDock does not come with a microSD card, so you need to purchase that component independently. You can expand the DVR's storage up to 32GB, which is enough to hold over 10 hours of security footage.

MiniGadgets offers a lifetime warranty that surpasses that of any other hidden cameras for the home in our review. The lifetime warranty includes unlimited telephone and email support. A user manual teaches how to use your HCAndroidDock properly. MiniGadgets does not offer live chat support.


With HD video and a wide-angle lens, the HCAndroidDock benefits from advanced video technology and a lifetime warranty. However, this pinhole camera lacks a few key features, such as adjustable recording quality, scheduled recording, a microSD card and live chat support, which prevents it from ranking as the best hidden camera. In spite of these deficiencies, the HCAndroidDock is a respectable hidden camera.

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