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Motion Sensor Camera Review

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PROS / This is one of the very few cameras that offers focus tracking for clearer video.

CONS / It won't take still pictures, and there is no audio with the video you record.

 VERDICT / This motion sensor hidden camera will convince others it’s a sensor while discreetly recording their every move.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Motion Sensor Camera

While most of the hidden cameras we reviewed serve a dual functionality, the HD Deceptive Motion Sensor is only a hidden camera. You can't hook it up to the lights or your security system to act as a typical motion sensor. However, it functions so flawlessly as a camera, with many added features, that it is a great way to monitor what is happening at your home or in the office. The motion sensor can detect heat signatures and has motion detection. The camera will activate recording when it senses motion and record in daylight or the dark and you never have to worry about video quality.

The HD Deceptive Motion Sensor has a motion sensor feature for recording, but it is not a traditional motion sensor. Even though you can't hook this motion sensor up to turn the lights on when you enter the room, the camera will begin recording as soon as it recognizes not just movement, but body heat. The heat camera detects any heat and will automatically start recording.

Unfortunately, this hidden camera does not record any sound or take still pictures, but its picture clarity is one of the best in our reviews. The camera records at 1280 x 720 pixels, but you can change the settings to capture lower quality footage and thus preserve energy use as well as space on your SD card. Additionally, you can record night footage, which will be clear and smooth up to 25 feet away.

No one is ever going to suspect they are being watched with this motion sensor hidden camera. Although this won't function as a traditional motion sensor, it looks exactly like the kind you would use for motion sensor lights or for a home security system. The camera records in AVI format and will actually work with both a PC and a Mac. The USB port is built into the back of the recording device so nothing that would give away that this is a hidden camera is visible. The motion detector comes with wall mounts and a remote control so you can turn the camera on and off without having to get a ladder.

It isn't very often that you come across a hidden camera that has built-in anti-motion blur technology. This is something you typically find with high-end, hand-held cameras, but this feature is included with this motion detector hidden camera. This will make the video crisper and less ghost-like. The camera records at 30 frames per second and also has focus tracking, which will calculate the speed of moving subjects so it can properly focus. Because each video has individual time stamps, you can also navigate your video history easily.

Since this motion detector hidden camera is a Brickhouse Security product, you can expect good technical support. The website offers a live chat feature, but be aware that this contact method involves submitting your question and waiting for them to contact you. There are blogs and how-to guides as well as FAQs for certain products. They also have an email through which to contact them.


The HD Deceptive Motion Sensor hidden camera does lack the option of recording audio and snapping photographs of any persons you are monitoring, but its high-quality recording features, the heat and motion detection and its tracking focus makes this hidden camera a serious contender for effectively monitoring and protecting your home.

Motion Sensor Camera