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PalmVid Router DVR Pro Review

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PROS / The PalmVid Router supports up to a 128GB microSD card.

CONS / This hidden camera does not have dual functionality.

 VERDICT / PalmVid's Router comes in several model variants, making it the most customizable hidden camera in our review. Even though it doesn't function as a router, its design is convincing enough to fool anyone you need to record.

The PalmVid Router's built-in DVR is quite versatile, which makes it a great choice as a hidden camera for home or business surveillance. You can program it to record continuously, on a schedule or after detecting motion. This allows you to choose a recording mode that best suits your surveillance needs. The DVR saves video in MP4 or AVI video formats and allows you to save still images. Still images are helpful when you need to create a thumbnail image to describe a video's contents.

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The PalmVid Router is not a working router; it only uses a router casing. You can choose between two router cases: an upright case or a low-profile case. These different cases allow you to place the PalmVid Router in a strategic location for maximum effectiveness.

  1. This is how many consecutive images a camera displays per second. The higher fps, the better.
    Higher is better
  2. 4 PalmVid Router
    30 fps
  3. 30 fps
  4. 30 fps
  5. 12 fps
  6. Category Average
    26.89 fps

In addition to having two choices for the PalmVid Router’s disguise, you can choose from two types of hidden camera sensors. Both cameras support 1280 x 720 video recording at 30 frames per second and can run on a battery if necessary. However, the more expensive DVR Pro model has extra functionality such as night vision, scheduled recording modes and more.

Storage is one area the PalmVid Router really stands out. This hidden camera can support microSD cards up to 128GB in capacity, which is the largest of any of the hidden cameras for home use in our review. The DVR records video at a rate of two hours per gigabyte, which gives the PalmVid Router an impressive storage capacity of up to five days if you have a 64GB card installed. The PalmVid Router does not come with a microSD card; you need to pay extra for this.

PalmVid covers its secret cameras with an 18-month parts and labor warranty. The company also offers lifetime technical support, and you can contact the company by email or phone or consult the user manual. Live chat support is not available.


The PalmVid Router is an impressive pinhole hidden security camera with HD video and a huge storage capacity. The lack of live chat support and included storage takes some of the polish off an otherwise well-rounded product. Still, the PalmVid Router is one of the best hidden cameras in our review.

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