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SCS Enterprises All-In-One Air Purifier JCT-410SDG1 Review

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PROS / This hidden camera can record in complete darkness.

CONS / The camera does not take still images.

 VERDICT / With its excellent night vision, the All-In-One Air Purifier is a great hidden camera for nighttime security.

SCS Enterprises is a dedicated manufacturer of hidden cameras and spy cameras. The company sells hundreds of products, and the All-In-One Air Purifier is great example of what you can expect from SCS. This secret camera has a nice balance of customization, recording options, video storage and technical support.

SCS Enterprises All-In-One Air Purifier JCT-410SDG1 Visit Site

The All-In-One Air Purifier comes with several standard recording options. This hidden security camera can record in color, has adjustable video resolutions and places a time stamp on every video. As the all-in-one title implies, this unit includes a built-in DVR that records security footage to an SD card. However, this hidden camera cannot take still images.

  1. This is how many consecutive images a camera displays per second. The higher fps, the better.
    Higher is better
  2. 5 SCS Enterprises All-In-One Air Purifier
    30 fps
  3. 30 fps
  4. 30 fps
  5. 12 fps
  6. Category Average
    26.89 fps

You can set the hidden camera to record continuously, on a schedule or when it detects motion. Scheduled recording allows you to choose when recording begins and ends. This product is not a functional air purifier. If you order the camera directly from SCS Enterprises, you can customize the hardware with a variety of cameras with different capabilities and video resolutions.

This pinhole camera has decent video resolution of 704 x 576, which is clear enough for you to positively identify intruders and visitors to your home. The All-In-One Air Purifier can record video in complete darkness, down to 0.02 lux. This is one of the best hidden cameras because of its night vision sensitivity – it's one of the most powerful we've seen in our review of hidden cameras for home and business. SCS Enterprises also sells IR lamps that improve upon the night vision feature. The DVR in the All-In-One Air Purifier comes with a 4GB SD card and records up to six hours per gigabyte of storage space.

SCS Enterprises provides a one-year warranty on the All-In-One Air Purifier. After the warranty expires, the company continues to provide repair services as well. The customer support staff at SCS Enterprises is available via email and phone during regular business hours. You can find the user manual for this hidden camera on the SCS Enterprises website.


The All-In-One Air Purifier is a great option for hidden camera home security. The ultra-sensitive night vision outperforms nearly every hidden camera in our review. If you want to take still images or prefer storage that uses microSD instead, you may want to consider one of our higher-ranked hidden cameras.

SCS Enterprises All-In-One Air Purifier JCT-410SDG1 Visit Site