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Pros / Since this hidden camera uses a lithium-ion battery, it is wireless and you can place it anywhere.

Cons / You must recharge the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock's battery every 30 days.

 Verdict / The SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock is a simple hidden camera convincingly disguised as a fully functional clock. It has all of the most important recording options found in top-rated hidden cameras, so it's a good surveillance solution for any home or office.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

The SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock integrates a powerful hidden camera into an unassuming analog wall clock. This hidden camera protects your home using a variety of recording options. The camera is well-designed, and it uses microSD cards, which are the industry standard. The hidden camera market in general doesn’t provide especially strong customer support, and the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock’s available support is merely average. Still, with its thoughtful and full-featured design, the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for hidden cameras.

  • Frame Rate
  • Field of View
  • Minimum Illumination
  • Maximum Storage Capacity
  1. This is how many consecutive images a camera displays per second. The higher fps, the better.
    Higher is better
  2. 1  SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock
    30.0 fps
  3. 30.0 fps
  4. 12.0 fps
  5. Category Average
    26.89 fps

Recording Options

The SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock can do everything hidden cameras for homes should do. The unit shoots color video, has time and date stamps, and takes still images to help you survey your home or business. Based on your needs, you can set the camera in one of several recording modes. The DVR can record continuously or on a schedule and saves to a microSD card. To save on memory, you can adjust the video quality or turn on motion activation, which activates the camera in one of two ways: motion or body heat.

Its dual functionality means the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock works just like any other clock. To control this secret camera, you can use the included remote control. The remote control is relatively simple, but it allows you to start, pause and stop recording at any time; this recording mode is called panic mode.


Its strong design makes the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock one of the best hidden cameras. The camera operates using a dependable lithium-ion battery. The battery is quite good, but you need to recharge it at least every 30 days, which is how long it can run in standby mode. It's likely you will need to recharge the camera more often if you plan to record video on a regular basis. For better battery life, you can turn on the camera's motion activation recording mode. To access the onscreen display menu, you can connect this hidden security camera to any TV via an RCA port. This allows you to use the remote control to modify video quality, frame rate and other camera settings.

This secret camera has a 140-degree field of view, which is close to the naked eye’s 180-degree field of view. This means you can put it in a corner and capture everything that goes on in the room. With a frame rate of 30 frames per second, the camera records smooth video that looks great. The SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock uses a widescreen standard resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This hidden camera's DVR records video footage in MP4 format.

When you purchase this hidden camera, you also get an 8GB microSD card. This is enough space to record up to six hours of security footage. If you want to record more video, you can expand the DVR's capacity by swapping this memory card for one with greater capacity. Using the continuous record function, this camera can store up to 48 hours of video footage on a 64GB microSD card, which is a good benchmark to look for in a hidden camera DVR, but you have to purchase the larger memory card separately.

Night vision is important when you're recording video for surveillance purposes, and the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock captures does well recording at night thanks to its .5 lux rating. The lower the minimum illumination, the better, and this hidden camera's infrared LEDs shed light that is 50 percent brighter than a full moon, which is more than enough to show you who's in your home.

Help & Support

KJB Security, the company that manufactures the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock, offers support services that can help you learn how to use and troubleshoot this hidden camera. You can contact the company via email and telephone for direct customer support. As a nice addition to the other technical support services, the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock carries a one-year warranty on parts and labor, which is average for hidden cameras but better than the 90-day warranties found on other cameras. The company also has an online knowledgebase with answers to some of the most common questions about security cameras.


The SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock has a simple disguise that looks great in any room, and it has a well-rounded selection of recording options. Since it runs on a lithium-ion battery, you can place the hidden camera anywhere in the room without worrying about messy power cords. You need to recharge the battery occasionally or the secret camera might shut down when you need it the most. This hidden camera can increase security in your home or business, and it is the best hidden camera we reviewed.

SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock SC7007HD Visit Site