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Foscam C2 Review

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PROS / The Foscam C2 has the best audio quality of the IP cameras we tested.

CONS / The movement in the video it captures isn’t smooth.

 VERDICT / The Foscam C2 is an IP camera with versatile storage options, excellent sound quality and clear daytime images. However, it is held back by the low-quality video it records at night and choppy playback.

The Foscam C2 IP camera’s video quality holds its own against the best IP cameras, at least during the day. It has many of the same features as its internet camera competition, but it lacks a few options that are common in the IP cameras we tested.

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The quality of the video captured during the day is excellent – even in low light the image is clear – as long as nothing in front of the lens moves. In one of our tests, we placed a white poster board 16 feet away, and we were able to read the top four lines, which is better than at least half of the IP cameras we tested. Motion on the live feed and recordings is choppy, though. Movement pauses and then speeds up to catch up with real time, which is a deal breaker if you're hoping to keep videos for posterity. The video and still images we took at night were of much lower quality. Although the camera's invisible LED lights illuminate a far distance, they aren’t bright enough to show detail. It also created a halo effect at the center of the image that spreads out, distorting what could be seen.

  1. This score represents how well each IP camera displayed the image on the mobile app during the day.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7 Foscam C2
  3. 89%
  4. 97%
  5. 100%
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The audio quality, both from the camera itself and the app, is the best of the IP security cameras we tested. Every word spoken is clear and easy to understand. The Foscam C2 comes with all of features you expect in the best wireless IP cameras, such as motion and sound detection, digital zoom, and a wide-angle lens that lets you see most of the room you're monitoring. This wasn't the easiest IP camera to use, though.

There are a few apps for different Foscam products, so be sure you download the right one for your Foscam C2, or you may waste time trying to get the camera to work with an app that isn’t meant for it. Setup was more involved than with other IP cameras we tested, but there are three ways to connect to Wi-Fi. You may have problems getting the camera to connect to Wi-Fi, regardless of which of the three methods you choose. We also noticed that the camera rebooted a few times on its own. The app for the Foscam C2 is straightforward, and the icons are easy to understand.

You can choose to pay for the company’s cloud storage service, or you can use local storage. This Wi-Fi camera supports microSD cards up to 64GB, and because you can schedule recordings or let the camera record only when it senses movement or audio, you likely won't fill up your storage device too quickly.

The one-year warranty included with this Foscam is standard for the industry. If you have questions about your IP camera, you can contact Foscam by phone, email or live chat on its website. The company's website also includes documentation you can refer to for answers to questions or tutorials to help you use your camera.


Although the Foscam C2 has many of the same features and options as the best IP cameras, and it includes the best audio quality of any IP camera we tested, it falters in some very important areas. The blurry movement and latency in the video makes it difficult to view and assess what’s happening, and set up can be difficult and frustrating.

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