Pros / This camera is well disguised in a fully functioning clock.

Cons / It has terrible video quality under low light conditions.

 Verdict / Although this camera doesn't stand out in video quality or storage capacity, its concealed and functional design makes it a solid nanny cam.

The AES Alarm Clock has good recording quality with adequate lighting, but struggles when it's dark. This performance is reflective in its score on our video quality tests. Based on test results, we gave this nanny cam a score of 88 percent in video quality under day conditions, while it scored a 35 percent for night. The camera showed blacked out areas when the lighting was inadequate. In the night vision test, this was often practically the whole screen.

In addition to its unimpressive video quality performance, this wireless nanny cam also does not come with audio standard. This is due to a few U.S. state regulations that prohibit the audio recording of another person without their knowledge. However, it is possible to request a unit with the audio functionality from the manufacturer for a fee.

This nanny camera has two of the most useful recording options: motion detection and overwriting. With overwriting, the camera will record over previous footage once the storage capacity is full. That way, you can continuously record without worrying the storage will fill up. Motion detection allows you to record selectively. Rather than storing hours of empty space, the camera will only record when it senses movement in the room. When it’s activated, the hidden nanny cam will secretly record for one minute, providing you with action-filled footage. Its time and date Stamp feature will then provide you the exact time when the activity occurred when you review the recordings.

The design is well camouflaged. The alarm clock shows no indication that the camera is recording. There is even no hint of the camera lens itself. This machine just looks like a standard alarm clock that can be found at a department store. The covert design is further supported by its dual functionality. While some hidden nanny cams don't work as their disguise, this machine does. All of its alarm clock features are full functionally, so no one will guess that this alarm clock is also a video camera.

Although this nanny cam is well-hidden, it lacks the storage capacity of the best models. Its 32GB storage limit lower than the 128GB or 64GB of other nanny cams we reviewed. This limited storage is inconvenient if you continuously record, as only about 16 hours of footage can be kept. You must regularly upload the footage to your computer or else it will be lost due to the overwriting feature. However, this storage limit is not a major issue if the camera is set to motion detection. The camera has adequate storage capacity when it only records activity.

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  • Video Quality - Day
  • Video Quality - Night
  • Ease of Use
  • Concealment
  • Storage Limit
  1. The quality of the nanny cam's video recording in daylight conditions. The higher the score, the better quality of video it produced.
    Percentage (higher is better)
  2. 6  AES Alarm Clock Radio
    88.0 %
  3. 94.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 88.0 %
  6. Category Average
    90.4 %


This AES alarm clock is effective as a nanny cam. Its 720P resolution and 30 fps camera produce good quality video during the day, and the functioning alarm clock design keeps it well hidden. However, its poor night vision quality makes it practically useless in a dark room.

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