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Bush Baby 2 Smoke Detector DVR BB2Smoke10 Review

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PROS / Given its disguise, the nanny camera offers a unique panoramic view.

CONS / The nanny cam has no overwriting mode.

 VERDICT / This nanny camera's bird's eye view enhances the unit's high-quality video.

A nanny cam camouflaged as a smoke detector is arguably one of the most ingenious and convincing disguises. Not only are smoke detectors found in virtually every home and office, but they are legally required. Subsequently, no one will suspect the Bush Baby 2 Smoke Detector DVR by Mini Gadgets to actually be a hidden nanny cam.

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The built-in DVR is just one of many features that this nanny camera has. It also includes time-stamped recordings and a motion detector that only captures footage when there is activity in the room. You can also use the camera in continuous recording mode. However, this hidden nanny cam lacks any type of scheduled recording function, unlike some of the best nanny cams we reviewed.

  1. A nanny cam's angular extent of the full scene or sight the camera can capture. The larger the field of view is, the better.
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This smoke detector spy camera is slightly lacking in features, but it performs well overall. The unit does not have an overwrite feature that automatically deletes the oldest recording on the internal storage – a feature that is useful, though not absolutely essential. This is not a functional smoke detector, so it's not a substitute for legally required smoke alarms.

The nanny camera offers a bird's eye view that provides a unique and comprehensive vantage point for monitoring. Given its likely placement, the device has a convenient built-in, lithium-ion battery that recharges through an included power adapter. Additionally, the camera has a remote control for remote operation. This is especially good since the camera can capture still pictures; simply pressing the remote control lets you take images from a distance.

The video output is excellent with specifications that are on par with our top-ranked nanny cams. For starters, the camera's video resolution of 1280 x 960 creates a clear, sharp picture, while a frame rate of 30 frames per second ensures smooth, uninterrupted footage. The camera shoots video in AVI format, which is compatible with most PCs.

The Bush Baby 2 Smoke Detector DVR has a USB port, so it can only connect to a computer or other USB-enabled device for viewing. This isn't necessarily a disadvantage, but the camera cannot directly connect to a television. It comes equipped with nonremovable storage in three different capacities: 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.


The Bush Baby 2 Smoke Detector DVR is great if you want to capture footage from a panoramic perspective. The camera lacks a few features such as overwriting and scheduled recording. However, it's a good nanny cam for most families, homeowners and business owners.

Bush Baby 2 Smoke Detector DVR BB2Smoke10 Visit Site