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Foscam Hidden Clock Radio FHC51 Review

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PROS / This nanny cam can also be used as a webcam and portable speaker.

CONS / It doesn't have motion-activated recording.

 VERDICT / Although this camera has extra functionality, it's lack of motion detection and below-average video quality limits its effectiveness as a nanny cam.

The Foscam Hidden Clock Radio nanny cam falls far short of the best cameras we tested. Although it had an average score in video quality during day conditions in our tests, it struggled in everything else. Among the 10 units we reviewed, this nanny cam has the lowest resolution and field of view angle. The recordings came out blurrier and smaller than other cameras with higher resolution ratings. It also had difficulty recording under night conditions, despite the infrared lights. In addition to unimpressive video quality, this Foscam nanny camera is unable to record audio.

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The device does not have motion detection, an essential feature for a nanny cam. Without this feature, the camera has to record constantly, which means you’ll need to sift through countless files to find any useful footage. This can take hours of your time. Motion detection eliminates the need for this, as the camera only records when it senses movement.

  1. The quality of the nanny cam's video recording in daylight conditions. The higher the score, the better quality of video it produced.
    Percentage (higher is better)
  2. 10 Foscam Hidden Clock Radio
  3. 94%
  4. 100%
  5. 88%
  6. Category Average

Although this nanny cam has some drawbacks, its design has a few standout features. The first is its dual functionality, meaning that the nanny spy camera works as whatever it masquerades to be. This makes the machine less conspicuous, hiding its true function as a camera. In addition to functioning as a clock radio, this unit can work as a portable speaker with your iPod or cell phone.

In addition to dual functionality, this device has a convenient menu screen. While most nanny cams we reviewed are only controlled with a few buttons, this one has a full digital display. You know when the camera is recording, and the settings are relatively easy to change. And since you can control the settings from the device itself, the Mini Video Speaker is far more accessible than devices that require software to change settings.


The Foscam Hidden Clock Radio has a few useful features, but ultimately struggles in the key functions of a hidden nanny cam. It does not record video particularly well, and the lack of motion detection requires you to review hundreds of files to find useful footage. However, its menu interface and portable speaker design do provide added convenience and functionality.

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