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Secuvox DVR Clock Camera Review

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PROS / The nanny cam has an adjustable camera lens and a range of handy features.

CONS / It has only one useful recording mode and isn't apt for low-light recording.

 VERDICT / Despite some drawbacks, it's a respectable nanny cam ideal for consumers on a budget.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Secuvox DVR Clock Camera

While a hidden nanny cam can be concealed in virtually any common object, it seems clocks are among the most widely used. The Securix DVR Clock Camera is one of a handful of clock cameras present in our nanny cam lineup. Such a ubiquitous item cleverly and easily conceals a tiny pinhole camera and would hardly rouse suspicion by those being discreetly watched.

For a more reasonably-priced nanny cam (i.e. under the $150 mark), the Securix clock camera offers a surprising range of beneficial features. For starters, built-in DVR allows the camera to record video internally while a motion detector starts recording only when there is activity. The camera will automatically turn off ten seconds after movement stops.

The camera also has an auto-cycling function that will automatically overwrite the earliest recording when the internal memory card is full, and recordings are time-stamped. What's more is the recordings are automatically saved with the date and time as the actual file names, so users can conveniently view and sort through video files effortlessly.

Like the other clock cameras we reviewed, this one also boasts dual functionality. In addition to keeping time, the nanny cam also displays the date and has an alarm.

Despite a variety of flexible features, the clock camera doesn't boast equivalent versatility in terms of recording options. Users have the choice of recording continuously (not very practical given the camera's memory limitations) or using motion detection mode – there is no time-scheduled recording. The problem with using the motion detector recurrently is users will need to turn off or unplug the camera when surveillance is not necessary; otherwise the camera will record pointlessly.

No matter who is being monitored, the plain and low-profile design of the clock ensures the camera remains under wraps. Aiding in the nanny cam's covert capabilities is its sweeping 85-degree field of view and adjustable camera lens, both of which help users obtain the ideal recording viewpoint regardless of where the clock camera is positioned.

Not so impressive was the fact that the camera requires the most light of any nanny cam we reviewed to capture video that is actually discernible. Additionally, the camera can only support up to 16GB of internal memory, as opposed to the 32GB our top three nanny cams can support. However, just 1GB can record approximately 130 minutes, so 16GB should be sufficient for most lightweight users.

The Securix clock camera is the only nanny cam we reviewed that offers recording at three different video resolutions: 640 x 480, 320 x 480 or 160 x 120. While the latter resolution is extremely low and does not produce very high quality recordings, we simply like that the device gives users a handful of alternatives designed to suit their needs.


While the Securix DVR Clock Camera disappointingly lacks recording options and low-light recording capability, users are likely to find its advantages far outweigh its drawbacks. With paramount features and an inconspicuous design, the clock camera is an easy-to-use monitoring device apt for both home and office use.

Secuvox DVR Clock Camera