Pros / This nanny cam is effective and easy to use.

Cons / The camera is sensitive to bright light.

 Verdict / Although this unit lacks a few features, it excels at the core functions of a nanny cam with its superb video quality, convenient design and massive storage capacity.

The SpygearGadgets Power Adapter is an impressive nanny cam. Among the 10 units we reviewed, this one stood out in the areas that mattered most – video quality, ease of use and concealment. It shined in these core functions, proving that a nanny cam does not need all the bells and whistles to succeed. In fact, the simplicity of this unit makes it appealing. It does what a nanny cam needs to do, and it does it exceptionally well. With a first-rate camera and effective design, the SpygearGadgets Power Adapter has earned our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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  • Video Quality - Day
  • Video Quality - Night
  • Ease of Use
  • Concealment
  • Storage Limit
  1. The quality of the nanny cam's video recording in daylight conditions. The higher the score, the better quality of video it produced.
    Percentage (higher is better)
  2. 1  SpygearGadgets Power Adapter
    94.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 88.0 %
  5. Category Average
    90.4 %

Video & Audio

With its 1080p resolution camera, this nanny cam produced high- quality video in our tests. It did particularly well in low-light conditions, receiving a perfect 100 percent score in our video quality test. The camera produced clear recordings in a dark room, showing details and movement quite well. This night vision was far superior to the other cameras, where the average score was 67 percent.

However, this clarity in night vision does come with a slight cost. The camera is so sensitive that it has trouble showing objects illuminated by bright lights during the day. In our tests, the recordings show a bright glare on the objects if they are shiny or reflective. This is why the camera received only a 94 percent score in our video quality tests for day light conditions. Aside from this disadvantage, however, we were thoroughly impressed by the overall video quality of this camera.

In addition to great video quality, this nanny cam also records audio well. The audio quality of our recordings was clear and crisp. In our hands-on testing, the camera had no problems recording speech, and the recording was easy to listen to and understand.

Recording Options

The camera doesn't have every possible recording option, but it has the essential ones. A hidden nanny cam needs only two modes to effectively do its job – continuous and motion activated recording. This SpygearGadgets nanny cam has both essential modes. With continuous recording, the camera will record everything once you turn it on. Coupled with an overwriting feature that records over old footage, you need not worry about the camera running out of space. Furthermore, this unit has motion activated recording, the most useful recording option. Rather than recording everything with continuous recording, this option only records when it senses movement. This saves a large amount of space, allowing you to leave the camera on for long periods of time without needing to upload the footage.

A few other cameras we reviewed have more recording options than this nanny cam, such as sound detection or the ability to take still pictures. However, in our experience we found those options were generally either fickle or impractical. They often only complicated using the device.

In terms of recording options, consistent functionality separated this camera from the others. While the majority of other cameras have continuous recording and motion detection, they did not always work. Oftentimes lesser cameras failed to record and the motion detection didn't work. The SpygearGadgets Power Adapter on the other hand, always recorded when we wanted it to, regardless of whether it was set to continuous or motion activated recording.


The design of this SpygearsGadgets camera is excellent. With a storage limit of 128GB, this camera can store a lot of footage before you need to upload it to a computer or other long-term storage. This much larger than the average 32GB of the nanny cams we reviewed. You can store over 20 hours of high-resolution footage with this camera.

The nanny cam was also quite easy to use. We just put a microSD card in the adapter, plugged the camera into an outlet, then clicked a button on the remote control to start recording. It was effortless. Reviewing the footage was as easy as taking out the microSD card and watching the footage on a computer. We had no issues or frustrations in using this device.

In regards to concealment, this wireless nanny cam is covert. The power adapter disguise makes the camera well-hidden. You can only detect a camera is there if you look at it closely from the front. Even then, the camera lens blends well with the disguise. From a distance, and particularly if it’s near the floor, the nanny cam looks like a normal adapter.

Be aware that since it only runs on AC power, the camera will stop recording if the power goes out. Any activity during that time won't be recorded.

Help & Support

This nanny cam comes with effective support. It not only has an extended two-year warranty, but it also comes with email, phone and live chat as a means of contact. In addition, the technical staff of SpygearGadgets is U.S. based, allowing for easier communication in contrast to international manufacturers. We found the company to be helpful in our personal interactions with them.


The SpygearGadgets Power Adapter is a user friendly nanny cam with high performance. Its 1080P camera produces crisp looking video and the 128GB storage limit is the largest we've encountered so far. The covert design is difficult to detect as well as easy to use. The convenient and high quality design make it a top contender available on the market.

SpygearGadgets Power Adapter SG-HC400 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

2 Years
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