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Pros / This nanny cam has a low cost for decent functionality.

Cons / You can only record 50 minutes of footage due to a short battery life.

 Verdict / As the most affordable nanny cam we reviewed, this unit has the essentials but is restricted by its battery and ineffective interface.

The Toughsty Photo Frame has lackluster video recording quality. With its 960P resolution, this camera produced blurry recordings in our tests during the day, especially from a distance. At 5 feet away, small details on objects began to become unrecognizable. At 15 feet, those details become blurry smudges. In addition to the poor video resolution, this hidden nanny cam also proved poor at recording in low-light conditions. Its night vision recordings came out very dark and blurry, practically impossible to see anything. Bright lights are needed for this camera to recording decent quality footage. And finally, this nanny cam does have audio, but it doesn't record it very well. The sound came out distorted in our testing.

Although it is the least expensive of the hidden nanny cams we reviewed, this unit has the extra functionality of taking still photos in addition to continuous and motion activated recording. However, this feature isn't very useful with this wireless nanny cam. You need to press a small button behind the frame in order to take a picture. This makes taking a covert photo nearly impossible.

This nanny cam has a generally poor design for covert recording. Its camera is noticeable upon close inspection, as the small hole seems out of place on its typically smooth frame. The two-button interface was also frustrating to use in our tests. The instructions were confusing to read, and the buttons were difficult to press due to their position and small size.

The biggest drawback of this unit is its small battery capacity. This unit only runs on rechargeable battery power. It can't work while it's plugged in, as the frame would look suspicious with a cord connected to it. Furthermore, relying on battery power means it can only record for about 50 minutes at a time. This means that you need to turn it on right before you need to use it. You can't simply leave it on and let it record. Even if you use motion detection, the battery will quickly die.

  • Video Quality - Day
  • Video Quality - Night
  • Ease of Use
  • Concealment
  • Storage Limit
  1. The quality of the nanny cam's video recording in daylight conditions. The higher the score, the better quality of video it produced.
    Percentage (higher is better)
  2. 8  Toughsty Photo Frame
    84.0 %
  3. 94.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 88.0 %
  6. Category Average
    90.4 %


The Toughsty Photo Frame is an inexpensive nanny cam, but it has significant disadvantages. With a short battery life, you can only use it for limited durations. Its video and audio quality is below average, and the poor design may cause frustration.

Toughsty Photo Frame MT-AT002-BLACK Visit Site