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Pros / This Security Labs camera and DVR setup is very easy to install and use.

Cons / The company offers few avenues for customer support.

 Verdict / Security Labs is strong enough to rank highly in a competitive security camera market, but it lacks support options that keep it from performing better.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer fits the criteria for our review. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Security Labs has long been an innovator when it comes to CCTV cameras. The established company consistently releases high quality home security camera systems, monitors and DVRs. It manufactures its products with the end user in mind. The products are designed to be very easy to use and set up if you choose to start a do-it-yourself project. This system's easy access and DIY option keep Security Labs' hard drive and camera package ranked among the best.

Security Labs' kit is essentially identical to cameras that other companies use as part of their services. Some businesses keep the DVR recordings stored on the web. With this equipment, you get a 500GB DVR alongside a set of four cameras that record in color. The cameras transition to black and white at night to achieve higher image clarity. The only cameras you should be using outdoors are the company's infrared, weatherproof bullet design cameras. The dome cameras are better indoors because they do not have infrared technology, nor could they withstand the elements.

Both types of cameras in the Security Labs set include motion-detection capabilities. This allows you to conserve your DVR's storage space by selectively recording only when your security cameras detect an object of significant size in the viewable area. This occasionally backfires, however, and reports of these cameras activating when nothing more than pollen passes by the sensors have been posted by customers.

These Security Labs home security camera systems include the appropriate ports for TV and monitor compatibility. The system allows the video feeds from your cameras to be transferred over local networks and the internet, though it does not provide an applicable mobile app for any platform. You can still access your security feeds from any computer with an internet connection, but not through a dedicated mobile app.

Security Labs is the only system that offers a monitor along with four cameras and a DVR. The monitor looks like a traditional vacuum-tube television with a 14-inch display. It automatically detects video formatting and displays the images accordingly. Alone, the monitor is not impressive. But taken with the other Security Labs equipment, it is a welcome and convenient addition to the company's home security camera systems.

Security Labs home surveillance systems are one of the easiest to use of all those we reviewed. It is evident from the beginning that Security Labs has held true to its desire to produce user-friendly equipment. Set up is simple and intuitive, requiring little recurrence to the user manuals or FAQs sections. The only step in this process that may give you some trouble is setting the DVR to run video feeds over a network. Your concerns can be quickly resolved with a brief call to the customer service line.

A healthier spectrum of customer service options would help this video surveillance system quite a bit. The only way to get in touch with a live representative is via telephone, and the hours are limited. A FAQs section is present on the website, but this is largely composed of a detailed product information sheet. The company does have a hefty four-year warranty that is included with the purchase of its home security systems, but it applies only to the DVR's hard drive. This is the most disappointing aspect of Security Labs' system.


Even though the security camera systems perform poorly in our Help and Support category, Security Labs has furnished a largely successful product. The home security camera is powerful and the DVR has respectable features, making this a high quality buy for anyone in the market for home security camera systems.

Security Labs SLM441 Visit Site