Pros / In our tests, the Simplicam was the easiest security camera to install and use.

Cons / The camera only has 720p video resolution, which is lower quality than the 1080p cameras in our review.

 Verdict / The Simplicam is easy to use and install. It has a solid Wi-Fi connection and good night vision, though it lacks the higher-quality video of 1080p competitors.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Simplicam's best attributes are easy setup and installation. Although this home security camera's video doesn't rise to the same quality as other top cameras, both its day and night video quality are notable, and it has convenient tools, such as motion and sound detection.

When we started our video tests, the Simplicam presented clear video, especially when the room was well lit. Although the clarity of the video is good, it doesn't match up to the top performers in this test. At 16 feet, the distance we used for our test, the video starts to lose some of its clarity.

This home security camera's 107-degree field of view captured a large portion of the room in which we tested, though we noticed it doesn't offer the same amount of coverage as cameras with larger fields of view. There wasn't a noticeable change in image quality in our low-light tests.

In nighttime recording, most security cameras use near-infrared light frequencies to capture video. This comes at the cost of color, which results in less detailed video. The Simplicam follows this pattern as well, though its invisible IR LEDs provide enough light so you can make a clear identification of people caught on camera.

Our tests showed that this camera reacts very well to motion, with little to no lag. The live video stream on our mobile app matched motion in real time. As with all Wi-Fi security cameras, lag can happen with this camera if you have limited internet speeds and bandwidth.

The camera's two-way audio lets you talk and listen to anyone near the camera using its built-in microphone and speaker on one end and the mobile app on the other. This allows you to speak to your children as they arrive home from school or to interact with intruders to scare them away, or you can use it as a baby monitor. The sound and motion detection features let you record video in reaction to noise or movement.

Although the Simplicam did well in our video tests, its best performance came in our ease of use and connection tests. No other wireless security camera was as easy to install and use. After we downloaded the mobile app and plugged in the camera, it only took a couple minutes to complete the entire setup process. Part of this is because the camera reads a QR code on your phone's screen to get Wi-Fi access to your home network.

The Simplicam mobile app is easy to navigate. It has an option to send push notifications when the camera detects motion or sound in the room. You can schedule recording if you don't want the camera recording continuously. The app's main disadvantage, as with most home security cameras, is that it doesn't have any smart home connectivity to allow it to work in tandem with home automation and security systems. The Simplicam also lacks location detection, which controls recoding based on your smartphone's GPS coordinates.

You can mount the Simplicam on a wall, but its base works just as well on any shelf. Like the best wireless security cameras, it supports 5GHz Wi-Fi for a stronger connection to dual-band routers.

The Simplicam stores your video in the cloud with Closeli Recording Services, which requires a monthly fee after the initial free trial that comes with the camera. The fees for the cheapest Closeli plan are some of the lowest among cloud recording services. Without a subscription, you still get notifications and can watch the live feed anytime, but you lose the ability to save video, and the camera can't use face recognition to register your family members. Like most cloud cameras, the Simplicam doesn't need memory cards to store video, but it might not record video properly if your internet goes down.

When it comes to customer support, Simplicam is average. Its one-year warranty is standard for consumer electronics, not just security cameras, and is helpful if the product has a defect. The company doesn't offer telephone support, but you can get in touch via email and live chat on the Simplicam support site. For troubleshooting the wireless security camera on your own, Simplicam also offers a large selection of self-service videos, FAQs and tutorials on its website.

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The Simplicam lives up to the simplicity its name implies, which makes it one of the best home security cameras. It performed well in in our reliability and quality tests. It offers the best video quality among 720p cameras in our review, but it doesn't quite match that of other top security cameras. The mobile app is very easy to use and has an intuitive design. Although it lacks a few of the features found in other cameras, it is an excellent security camera for most homes.

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