Pros / You get free cloud storage with this camera.

Cons / The setup process is arduous.

 Verdict / While the Y-Cam allows you to schedule recording and features motion detection, it's hard to find other reasons to recommend it. The overall video quality is low, and it loses connection consistently.

With the Y-Cam Indoor HDS security camera, you can store your recorded video on the company's cloud service free of charge and view live video on the app anytime. But when it comes to video quality, overall feature package and Wi-Fi connectivity, this security camera falls behind the competition.

When we put it to the test, the Y-Cam produced the lowest-quality video of all the home security cameras in our lineup. Even in our daytime test, when the camera was working with an abundance of light, stationary objects were blurred regardless of where they were positioned. The camera was capable of detecting motion, but there was a 17-second delay from the time the action began to the time it showed up on screen, making this Wi-Fi security camera an unreliable tool for monitoring children or home security.

This security camera has one of the longest claimed night-vision ranges, but the overall clarity is poor, so it doesn't hold up and performs well below the best security cameras. The LED works well with illumination, but there is less clarity with this camera than with others we tested at night.

Setup and installation of this wireless security camera is complicated and frustrating. You have to plug it into your router, go online to register, then download the app, all before you can use it on a wireless connection. Not even the camera stand is easy to set up, and it kept tipping over in our tests.

This wireless camera lacks two-way audio, so there's no way to communicate with a child you may be monitoring, for example, but at least you can hear her. This camera has the capability of continuously streaming feed and scheduled video recording. However, it loses connection with the Wi-Fi consistently enough that if, for instance, you schedule a recording before leaving on vacation, you can't count on it staying connected long enough to perform the task.

You don't have to spend extra money to access your video clips, as Y-Cam offers free cloud storage. If the camera detects motion, you get a notification in your email, but there is a significant delay between the email and the event that triggered it. Also, you can't get on-demand video unless you upgrade your account.

If the camera is defective or you have other issues, you can return it for a replacement or repair within the one-year warranty period. You can also contact the company via phone or email, but if you want to speak to a representative by phone, you have to email them first.

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  • Video Quality – Day
  • Video Quality – Night
  • Audio Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Connection Quality
  1. This score represents how well each IP camera displayed the image on the mobile app during the day.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 10  Y-cam
    63.0 %
  3. 89.0 %
  4. 97.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    90.8 %


According to Y-Cam, the Indoor HDS has a long night-vision range of 49 feet. However, the clarity, for both day and night, is lacking, so this doesn't hold up. This camera has the advantage of free cloud storage, but the email notifications are delayed. Setup is difficult and convoluted with a checklist of required tasks before you can use the camera. If it worked well after setup, we could live with that, but the overall functionality of this camera is subpar at best.

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