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Nest Cam Indoor Review

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PROS / The Nest Cam Indoor's low-light video quality is among the best we reviewed.

CONS / This camera's nighttime video quality isn't as good as its daytime video quality.

 VERDICT / The Nest Cam Indoor is easy to set up, and it has a good mobile app. While its nighttime video quality is average, its daytime video is excellent.

The Nest Cam Indoor fits neatly into the smart home. This wireless camera is compatible with many smart home devices and works with them to improve your home. It has some of the best video quality among wireless cameras, especially in low-light conditions. Nest Cam Indoor boasts the best customer support in our wireless camera review and earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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  1. The camera's number of vertical pixels, which defines video resolution.
    Higher is better
  2. 2 Nest Cam Indoor
    1080 p
  3. 720 p
  4. 1080 p
  5. Category Average
    936.00 p

Video & Audio

The Nest Cam Indoor's 1080p video resolution doesn't quite reach the quality and clarity of other wireless cameras in our review but produces excellent results. Our tests showed that while the camera does well with bright daytime video, it has the best low-light video of the wireless cameras we reviewed. This is important since you're less likely to leave your lights on when you leave the house.

In our nighttime tests, the Nest Cam Indoor has decent video quality but nowhere near that of the other top wireless cameras. It has bright infrared LEDs that light a room well, but these tend to wash out objects near the camera. At about 15 feet, the night vision gets less effective.

This wireless camera's 130-degree field of view offers a good representation of the industry has to offer, and it shows a large part of any room. However, it doesn't quite reach the coverage of the single 180-degree camera in our review. The Nest camera can digitally zoom in up to eight times the size of the original video. A two-way audio feature allows you to use the camera as an intercom with the mobile app.

As with all wireless cameras, the Nest Cam Indoor can detect motion and send an alert to your phone when there's movement in the room it's monitoring. During our tests, there was a slight delay between movement in a room and when it showed up on the live video feed, but it's not enough to prevent the camera from sending timely alerts.

Operation & Convenience

The Nest mobile app is easy to use, though not the easiest in our review. It's a good tool for setting up the camera, viewing live or recorded videos and changing settings. During setup, you show a special QR code to the Nest Cam Indoor in order to give it access to your home network. The QR code works well, but may take a more time than wireless cameras using the same technology.

On the smart home side of things, the camera is compatible with more products that any other in our review. This is mostly due to Nest's certification program that allows third-party manufacturers to build Nest support into their own products. Some examples of compatible products are Scout Alarm, Philips Hue and IFTTT.

Nest Cam Indoor, like the best wireless cameras, doesn't require a paid subscription to view live video or use basic app features such as notification alerts, location detection and two-way voice. However, if you pay for a Nest Aware subscription, you also get the option to record video and download clips. One of the best paid features on this wireless camera is the time-lapse feature, which compresses hours of video into a short clip.

In our connection tests, the Nest Cam Indoor dropped its connection only once but is reliable. The camera's dual-band Wi-Fi allows you to select a 5GHz frequency for less interference than a standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.

Help & Support

Nest's customer support is unrivaled among the wireless camera systems in our review. Its main features aren't particularly unique – it's not the only company that offers a two-year warranty nor the only one that offers email, phone and live chat. However, it's the only company that offers these in combination, which helped it earn the only perfect score in our customer support category. You can also contact the company on Twitter, which is one of the best channels for customer support.


If you have a smart home, the Nest Cam Indoor is a very good option, especially since it's compatible with a host of products ranging from IFTTT to Scout Alarm. The video quality good during the night but excellent during the day. It's not as easy to use as our top wireless camera but relatively easy to use, which makes it a solid choice for your home.

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