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Oco Review

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PROS / The Oco has the best mobile app of the cameras we tested.

CONS / This camera has some of the weakest nighttime video of any camera in our review.

 VERDICT / The Oco is a good budget option, as it's easy to use and has good daytime video, but its nighttime video is underpowered.

The Oco wireless camera comes with many of the features you'd find in the best wireless cameras, such as sound and motion detection and an excellent mobile app. You can get low-cost cloud storage with this wireless camera, and it works with the IFTTT automation platform. The camera's daytime video is good, but the nighttime video isn't as effective as that of other wireless cameras we tested.

During the day, this camera had good results in our tests. It had decent performance in both bright and low-light conditions. Motion was another area where the Oco performed well. The video was smooth and didn't suffer any noticeable lag or image distortion with movement. At night, however, the camera produced an acceptable result but still had the lowest score of any camera in our review. For example, the camera does a decent job of showing objects within 10 feet, but the level of detail diminishes beyond that. The camera produced good results in tests of its audio quality.

  1. The camera's number of vertical pixels, which defines video resolution.
    Higher is better
  2. 9 Oco
    720 p
  3. 720 p
  4. 1080 p
  5. 1080 p
  6. Category Average
    936.00 p

The Oco is easy to set up, though it requires a firmware update that takes about 15 minutes. The mobile app is the easiest to use among the cameras we tested. It includes only the most essential information on the main screen rather than the jumble of settings we saw in some other wireless camera apps. You can connect the Oco to IFTTT, an online task automation service, to integrate it with most smart home systems. For example, you can set up rules that tell your smart lights to turn on whenever Oco detects motion.

Cloud storage is the only way you can save videos with the Oco. The company offers one free and three paid storage plans. The free plan allows you to review videos recorded over the past 24 hours, but not to save or download the videos. The paid plans allow you to record one, 10 or 30 days of footage and save clips the camera recorded when it detected motion or sound.

This wireless camera system has a one-year warranty. You can contact the company over email, live chat and the telephone for personalized support. For general inquiries, the company also has FAQs, tutorials and a user manual.


The Oco isn't one of the top cameras in our review, but its mobile app is the best among wireless cameras. The IFTTT integration, good daytime video and audio quality largely make up for the deficiencies in the camera's nighttime video quality. Overall, this is a good camera for basic monitoring, especially if you're on a budget.