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Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN Review

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PROS / This wireless camera is compatible with the Samsung SmartThings smart home system.

CONS / The camera's Wi-Fi connection was less reliable than higher-ranked cameras in our tests.

 VERDICT / The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro's video quality is very good, particularly at night. It also has an easy setup process and smart home functionality.

The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is one of the best wireless cameras in our review. Its 1080p video handled each of our three lighting test scenarios very well, though its daylight performance was the best of the three results. Its Wi-Fi had a few problems in our connection tests, but the camera is still reliable for the most part.

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With the help of its 1080p video resolution, the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro's videos have excellent clarity. At this setting, the camera had noticeable lag between live video and movement in real time. However, the camera's adjustable video quality helps overcome this connection difficulty, though the lower settings don't offer the same clarity as 1080p.

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In total darkness testing at night, the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro's video was bright and clear, second only to one wireless camera in our review. At 16 feet from the camera, our poster board's first line of text showed up in the video, though we couldn't read the other text on the poster.

This camera's two-way audio is a useful tool that lets you talk with anyone in the room it's monitoring. The audio quality is decent, though it isn't on the same level as many of the other cameras we tested. Our connection test had three recorded drops in the Wi-Fi connection from this camera. This is below the average of one dropped connection for the wireless cameras in our review.

You can save the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro's videos on a microSD card. It supports cards up to 64GB. The camera also has tools to help your camera manage recordings, including motion detection, sound detection and adjustable video resolution. Samsung doesn't offer a cloud storage plan for its SmartCam line of wireless cameras.

If you have a Samsung SmartThings DIY home automation system, you can connect the SmartCam to it. This adds more features to the camera, most notably the ability to link it to smart locks and sensors that can trigger recording when you leave the house.

A one-year warranty comes with the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro. This warranty isn't different from that of most wireless cameras and is not the longest in our review. You can contact Samsung support over email, live chat or telephone for personalized customer service. However, you can also get self-service support by browsing the company's selection of FAQs and tutorials.


The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro offers adjustable resolution and great video quality during both day and night. Some connection issues held it back from earning a higher ranking in our review. However, it's a good wireless camera for your smart home.

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN Visit Site