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Pros / The simplicam was easier to install and use than other wireless cameras we tested.

Cons / Its video quality isn't as good as that of the best 1080p wireless cameras.

 Verdict / The simplicam balances ease of use and solid functionality with good video quality.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

The simplicam isn't very notable in terms of video quality, though it is the best 720p wireless camera in our review. The camera's true strength comes from the fact that its features are easy to use without relying too heavily on manuals and tutorials. By finding a balance between function and performance, the simplicam earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best wireless cameras.

  • Resolution
  • Night Vision Range
  • Field of View
  1. The camera's number of vertical pixels, which defines video resolution.
    Higher is better
  2. 1  simplicam
    720.0 p
  3. 1080.0 p
  4. 1080.0 p
  5. Category Average
    936.0 p

Video & Audio

In our video tests, it was immediately apparent that simplicam's video is at its best in brightly lit rooms. Although it has good video clarity, the best among 720p cameras in our review, it doesn't match that of the 1080p wireless cameras we tested. Clarity on the simplicam started to degrade in our tests after about 16 feet. We didn't notice a difference in quality in low-light tests.

The simplicam has a wide field of view, 107 degrees, that showed most of the room where we tested this wireless camera, but it lacked the coverage of cameras with wider viewing angles. This camera handles movement very well, meaning it showed moving objects without much distortion or lag. However, whether or not you see lag depends on a variety of other factors such as Wi-Fi connection and your internet speed. The camera can also use motion and sound detection to send you notifications and alerts on your phone.

At night, the simplicam takes advantage of infrared lights to capture video when the lights are off. The wireless camera's IR LEDs did a good job illuminating the test environment, which was average for our review. Average performance is still enough to enable easy identification of faces and objects but not enough to discern finer details.

With the simplicam's two-way audio, you can have a conversation with anyone in the same room as the camera. You use the mobile app on your end and the camera's built-in microphone and speaker on the other. The audio was clear and understandable, which is above average compared to most other wireless cameras we tested.

Operation & Convenience

The simplicam's most exceptional performance came in our two remaining tests: ease of use and connection quality. It was the only wireless camera in our review to get a perfect score in either category. After plugging in the simplicam, we only had to download the mobile app and generate a QR code that allowed the camera to obtain its Wi-Fi credentials. While other cameras also use a QR code during installation, simplicam reacted the fastest, and we were connected in less than a minute; the overall installation finished in less than five minutes.

The camera's mobile app is simple and doesn't bog you down with too many options on the main screen. Its buttons are plainly labeled and let you set up push notifications and schedule recordings to save energy and cloud storage. The biggest drawback in the app was a lack of smart home functionality, which is an inconvenience if you want your various devices to talk to one another. Location detection, which connects the mobile app to your phone's GPS, was also absent.

Although the base camera can sit on any table or shelf, the simplicam also comes with an optional mounting bracket you can install on any ceiling or wall, provided a power outlet is within 10 feet. The simplicam supports 5GHz Wi-Fi, which provides a better wireless connection to your home network than the standard 2.4GHz found on most Wi-Fi electronics. In our connection tests, the simplicam never dropped its Wi-Fi connection, unlike every other camera in our review, which dropped connections at least once.

The simplicam uses a remote server, also called cloud storage, to save recordings for later review. This feature requires a monthly fee with Closeli Recording Services. However, the cloud storage plan is one of the cheapest in our review. Even without a subscription, you can watch live video anytime and the simplicam still sends notifications. Since there's no local storage option, the simplicam doesn't record video if your internet is down.

Help & Support

There's nothing unique about this wireless camera system's warranty, it covers defects for one year. While the company doesn't offer telephone support, you can contact it over email and live chat. If you prefer to solve problems without talking to anyone, the company provides tutorials, videos and FAQs on its support website.


The simplicam is one of the best wireless cameras because it is reliable and had good results in our video tests. It's a case where outstanding ease of use outshines average video quality. No other 720p camera in our tests matched the daytime quality of the simplicam, but every 1080p camera surpassed it. It lacks a few features, such as location detection and smart home integration, but is an excellent wireless camera nonetheless.

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