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Y-cam Indoor HDS Review

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PROS / You get free cloud storage with this wireless camera.

CONS / The camera's Wi-Fi connection is unreliable.

 VERDICT / The Y-cam Indoor HDS performed poorly in our tests and has little to offer compared to higher-ranked cameras.

The Y-cam Indoor HDS is a decent wireless camera with free cloud storage. However, the camera struggles to produce clear images in both the daytime and nighttime. It is difficult to install compared to other wireless cameras, and its Wi-Fi connection was the least stable in our review.

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In our daytime and nighttime tests, the Y-cam Indoor HD's video was the least detailed in our review. Although you could make out the major features of an object, the video was blurry overall. Motion was also a problem; we noticed a 17-second delay between when something moved and when we got a notification. The Y-cam Indoor HDS had poor audio quality and is the only camera in our review without two-way voice, which allows you to speak to people near the camera, such as someone trying to enter your home.

  1. The camera's number of vertical pixels, which defines video resolution.
    Higher is better
  2. 10 Y-cam Indoor HDS
    720 p
  3. 720 p
  4. 1080 p
  5. 1080 p
  6. Category Average
    936.00 p

This is the only wireless camera in our review that can't connect to Wi-Fi directly. Instead, you have to connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable, register it online and download the app in order to provide it with Wi-Fi credentials. The Wi-Fi connection dropped several times in our tests, making this camera compare poorly with the best wireless cameras in this area.

Cloud storage comes free with the Y-cam Indoor HDS. However, its best feature, the ability to save important video clips longer than seven days, is only available in the paid Y-cam Plus subscription. When the camera detects motion in the room, it sends you a notification after a short delay. Most other wireless cameras send notifications as soon as they detect motion.

For technical assistance, you can return or exchange the camera for up to one year after purchase. You can contact a customer service representative over email, phone or live chat. However, phone support requires you to email the company in advance. FAQs and tutorials are available on the website in case you have general questions about the Y-cam Indoor HDS.


The Y-cam Indoor HDS doesn't compete well with other wireless camera systems. The quality of its video and audio is lower than the industry average. Its installation process is the least intuitive in our review. The camera's free cloud storage is useful, but not enough of a reason to choose this camera for your home over other wireless cameras.

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