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DirtDevil Whiskers DSV Review

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PROS / The Whiskers DSV cleans in three different patterns for a comprehensive clean.

CONS / This unit is not recommended for vacuuming carpets.

 VERDICT / If your rooms are wall to wall carpet, this robot vacuum would not be capable of cleaning your home.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

DirtDevil Whiskers DSV

DirtDevil is famous for their upright vacuums and have leapt into the robot vacuum market as well with two different models. The better of the two is the DirtDevil Whiskers DSV. This automatic vacuum is not an obvious inclusion in our robotic vacuum reviews since it's designed to clean hard floors with the whisker-like brushes that line the front. These little brushes rapidly move back and forth, sweeping dust and crumbs into the vacuum chamber.

Three different cleaning patterns ensure a thorough sweep of your room. The DirtDevil Whiskers DSV will first cruise in a random pattern around the room vacuuming up obvious messes. Next it follows a spiral pattern for a deeper clean. Finally, it will follow the walls to clean the baseboards and corners. The front of the robot vacuum cleaner is encased with a soft bumper to protect any furniture the vacuum may run into.

A battery indicator light will let you know when the unit needs to be recharged, but this robot vacuum doesn’t have a charging base like its competitors. When the vacuum dies, you have to retrieve it and plug it in. You should have a good idea when the unit needs to be recharged, because a single charge allows the robot vacuum cleaner to run for approximately 50 minutes.

One of the smallest units available, standing 2.9 inches tall, the DirtDevil Whiskers DSV can fit under most objects, including your couch and table. It doesn’t have an intelligent room mapping system, so you’ll need to move any furniture that may block its cleaning pattern. This robot cleaner is recommended for hardwood, tile and linoleum surfaces – cleaning carpet is not recommended.


The DirtDevil Whiskers DSV is basically an automatic broom and dustbin labeled a robot vacuum. It doesn’t work well on carpet, so the only areas you can use it in your house are those with wood, tile or linoleum surfaces. We do like its small size, which allows it to clean under furniture without getting stuck. We don’t like that when it runs out of battery power, you have to go find it to plug it in – competitors will return to their charging base when low on power by themselves.

DirtDevil Whiskers DSV