Pros / The Neato XV Signature Pro has a laser-guided mapping system that allows it to clean in an efficient, straight path rather than bouncing off walls and furniture.

Cons / The lack of a remote control or virtual wall can veer the vacuum off course.

 Verdict / A strong mapping system makes up for a less-impressive collection of accessories and boundaries markers.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Robot Vacuums here.

The Neato XV series of robot vacuum cleaners combines innovative design features with suction motors. The Neato XV Signature Pro employs laser-guided navigation that lets it map out a room and then clean the floors in a systematic fashion. In addition, it offers two kinds of filtration, works on all types of flooring except for thick carpeting, returns to its charging base when it needs a battery recharge and can be programmed for vacuuming at set times.

The Neato XV Signature Pro uses a laser-guided navigation system that gives it the ability to clean a room by traveling in a straight pattern, although it has difficulty going from a lower threshold to a higher one. If you accidentally leave a toy on the living room floor, you can count on this robot vacuum's intelligent laser navigation feature to guide it safely around the obstacle.

This automatic vacuum cleaner is designed to work on hard-surface flooring and low-pile carpeting, but it is not intended for high-pile rugs. It has a difficult time operating in deep carpeting. When we tested it, the results for light debris, like hair, were positive, with it picking up almost all of it. For heavier matter, like food crumbs, it did less well, so cleaning up larger messes is not its forte.

The vacuum has a two-stage filtration system. Dirt picked up from the cleaner passes through two air filters, capturing fine dust particles. This ensures that your robot vacuum cleaner retains dust rather than allowing it to escape back into your home. The Neato XV Signature Pro is equipped with cleaning brushes that allow it to agitate and lift stubborn dirt and clingy pet hair. Its powerful suction motor then lifts what the brushes have loosened.

This automatic vacuum cleaner's menu is straightforward and easy to use. The buttons allow you to select the days and times you want it to run. Once it is programmed to your desired setting, you simply press the start button.

One drawback is that this cleaner does not come with a remote control. If you want to adjust your settings, you have to use the manual controls on the machine itself. If it is operating, this can be a hassle, because you have to catch the machine first. There is also no virtual wall, so you might have to watch it to make sure it navigates around areas where you do not want it to tread, even when you use magnetic boundary markers.

Like all the best robot vacuum cleaners, this one comes with a cliff sensor that prevents it from falling down the stairs. When its sensors detect a drop-off, it turns itself around.

Neato covers its robotic vacuum cleaners with a one-year warranty. The customer service representatives are knowledgeable and available to answer questions by telephone or email. You can also find a FAQs page on the company website that you can consult if you have questions.

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With a strong mapping system, the Neato XV Signature Pro can work well in spaces that do not contain many obstacles. Without a remote or virtual wall to keep it in place, it is not the most self-sufficient robotic vacuum, but it still does a decent job if you need smaller messes cleaned up occasionally.

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