Pros / Its suction is noticeably stronger than other robot vacuum cleaners.

Cons / A few of the other units have longer warranties.

 Verdict / The Samsung POWERbot can get hung up on large obstacles but has the most cleaning power of all the units we tested.

We spent hundreds of hours putting all sorts of debris in the path of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market. When we weighed all of the test messes and added them together, the results were clear – the Samsung POWERbot cleaned up the most of any robot vac. This vacuum struggled a little to navigate around obstacles but offers so much suction once it gets to each mess that it wins our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award. The POWERbot has a few quirks but the suction is powerful and our floors looked much better when it was done with its cleaning cycle.

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  • Cleaning Performance - Hard
  • Cleaning Performance - Carpet
  • Movement
  • Noise
  • Run Time
  • Charge Time
  1. How well it can handle sweeping and vacuuming debris found on hard flooring.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 2  Samsung POWERbot
    95.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 90.0 %
  5. Category Average
    88.75 %


The suction from this unit was impressive on every type of debris and on every surface. We tasked this and every vacuum in our review with removing flour, sawdust, kitty litter, cereal and pet hair from carpet, wood and vinyl flooring. It did a great job on all of them, and a cool transparent window on top of the machine allows you to see the results of its hard work. If we were just judging suction power this would be at the very top of our robot vacuum reviews. It was especially good at getting pet hair.

There were a few issues in terms of navigation with this machine, however. It got tripped up on the edge of one carpet in our home testing over and over again that most competitors easily got over. It also got stuck under a couch and required human intervention to get unstuck. It was not even a common place to get stuck, so that was disappointing. Most others in our robot vacuum comparison cleaned under the couch and came right back out. It also got stuck on one of the larger transitions from tile to hardwood flooring. This was, at least, a very common place to get stuck during our testing. Many of the best robot vacuums went right over that threshold, though. The POWERbot got stuck and stayed stuck, again and again. It took human intervention to get this vacuum back to cleaning.


This one is not really the best in terms of ease of use. While it does have a digital display, it is not very sophisticated and it was sometimes hard to know why the vacuum stopped when it did. One thing that made it easier to use was the fact that it didn't shut down completely every time we picked it up. When we saw this or any unit headed for cords or other trouble, we would pick them up; this is one of the few that just kept on going when we set it back down, most of the time. The others had to go through their startup routines all over again.

The Samsung POWERbot was relatively easy for maintenance. We were able to empty the bin and clean the brushes quickly and easily. It was a little loud when it was in motion but not unbearable. This is one that got stuck pretty often, though, so you will have to be around for its noisiness. It is not very self-sufficient, and that detracts from its overall ease of use.

Design Extras

One thing that makes this unit convenient is the Wi-Fi connectivity. You can control this robotic vacuum through your smartphone or Amazon Alexa. There is no carry handle on the POWERbot, which was a problem because it got stuck on a regular basis. You have to pick it up with both hands when it does get stuck. Also, if you have a home with two floors and need to take it up and down stairs, it is a little less convenient.

Warranty & Support

This product comes with a one-year warranty, which is average. There are lots of ways to contact Samsung if you have a question about the warranty or anything else. Live chat, email and phone all are available. Samsung was generally responsive when we had questions about this unit.


This was the best robotic vacuum we tested for suction, and it cleaned quickly. It even beat out a couple of the more expensive units for how much debris it collected. It struggled to move through the test home, though. Once it gets to the messes it will collect them with ease, but getting to them can be a bit of a challenge for the Samsung POWERbot. If you don't mind staying close by and coaxing it, this is a great machine, especially for pet owners. It comes closer than any of them to the suction of an upright, at least on carpeting, and it was very good at cleaning hard flooring, too. While it is not the best option to leave alone while you are at work, you could have it cleaning in another room while you are doing something else. You can rescue it when needed and be confident that it is cleaning more deeply than competitors would.

Samsung POWERbot R7070 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Cleaning Performance-Hard
Cleaning Performance-Carpet
Run Time (hours: minutes)
Charge Time (hours: minutes)
Climbing Height (inches)
Multi-Room Navigation
Scheduled Cleanings
Dirt Sensor
Multiple Passes
Returns to Dock


Ease of Use
Maintenance (minutes)
Weight (pounds)
Diameter (inches)
Height (inches)
Noise (dB)
Side Spinning Brush
Bristle Brush
Flexible Brush
Full Bin Indicator
Soft Bumper

Design Extras

Smartphone App
Remote Control
Boundary Markers
Virtual Wall
Carrying Handle

Warranty & Support

1 Year
Manufacturer Support
Online User Manual
Online Tutorials