Pros / This headset supports pairing by NFC.

Cons / It is heavier and longer than most Bluetooth headsets.

 Verdict / The VXi BlueParrott Reveal Pro Bluetooth headset does a fine job of isolating your voice thanks to its long microphone, but its lower-than-average battery life and plastic body don’t justify its expensive price.

The VXi BlueParrott Reveal Pro definitely isn’t a one-trick pony. This headset is packed with features that make it stand out from other Bluetooth headsets.

We got our hands on this enterprise-level headset for a few days and quickly began to appreciate its customizable button. VXi calls it the “Parrott button,” and you can program it to mute a call, speed dial someone or even launch an app. The button definitely comes in handy and saves you extra steps like voice dialing or fumbling through the contacts and apps on your phone.

Very few headsets support NFC, but the Reveal Pro does. Pairing was much easier and faster with this headset compared to others that only use Bluetooth, especially the Sennheiser Presence. After pairing, you are greeted with an app to download. You can use the headset without the app, but installing it unlocks a few extra features. The app reads your text messages aloud, and you use it to program the “Parrott button” and enable push-to-talk functionality, which makes your headset like a walkie-talkie.

The headset’s build quality is slightly disappointing. We thought its plastic body felt a little cheap, especially considering it costs almost $150.

An extendable microphone nearly doubles the length of the headset. Since the microphone is made from a thin layer of plastic, we worry about the possibility of it snapping in half when it’s extended. During our call test, we found the microphone did a good job of picking up our voices and blocking external noises. The extra length definitely helps improve sound quality, since it puts the microphone much closer to your mouth.

VXi includes five eartips of different sizes to ensure you have an accurate fit and good seal while wearing the headset. The tips have concha fins, which help keep the headset steady. However, it didn't score very well in our stability tests. Although, it remained in place when we ran down the stairs, it lost its seal and required adjusting. When we vigorously shook our heads, the headset fell out entirely. We also thought other headsets were more comfortable than the Reveal Pro. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just heavier, so it was hard to forget we were wearing it.

During our battery test, we got 6.5 hours of use before the Bluetooth headset needed to recharge. The average battery life for the headsets we tested was 6.75 hours. The Reveal Pro takes just an hour and a half to charge, which is slightly faster than most other headsets.

You can wirelessly play music from your phone through the headset. We tested the Reveal Pro’s maximum volume using a decibel meter, and it reached 68 dB when playing the song "Love Me" by the 1975. On average, most headsets can reach a volume of 50 dB. This is actually the loudest headset we tested, and it has impressive bass.

VXi provides a one-year warranty for this headset. In the event you need support, you can reach the company by email or telephone. The BlueParrott Reveal Pro’s website also has a downloadable user guide, which may help answer any potential questions.

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The BlueParrott Reveal Pro by VXi has respectable audio quality, but we thought it felt cheap for its premium price. Fortunately, this headset is chock-full of useful features. It would be an even better option if it had slightly better battery life and was a little more stable.

BlueParrott Reveal Pro Visit Site

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