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Google Play Review

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PROS / Google Play is easily compatible with Chromecast.

CONS / This service has limited HD options.

 VERDICT / Google Play is a great option for streaming television and movies to Android devices or via Chromecast.

The Google Play service is a streamlined Android marketplace. It allows you to download games, books and music, and it also lets you watch streaming TV and movies online. Currently it is growing its television library to include the most popular shows from both network TV and paid channels.

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Google Play runs on a pay per view model. Every SD episode will set you back the standard cost of $1.99, or you can opt for a full season for a discounted price. We were surprised that there is not an option to watch episodes in HD. There are some HD movie options when you buy the movie, but those are also limited. Sometimes Google Play offers free episodes, usually the pilot episode, to let you determine if the show is something you might want to buy.

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While this internet TV service doesn't host its own exclusive or original content, you won't be at a loss when looking for TV series that aired in the last few years. Each show boasts full seasons, and Google Play makes the latest episode available within a day of its appearance on television. The interface for this online TV service looks very simple, but it allows you to search for series by name, studio and specific network.

The best way to take advantage of Google Play to watch streaming TV is to use Chromecast to display the content on your televisions screen. This device makes the service incredibly easy to use. Without that add-on, you can only stream TV on your computer or Android smartphone and tablets.
With every episode you watch, you can rate each show based on five stars and write a review for other users to read. It's a nice way to allow you to be a part-time critic and inform others about what is worth paying for. When you rate shows on this internet TV provider, you will get a very basic list of taste recommendations based on your ratings.


Google Play is not the all-around best internet TV service, but if you have Chromecast and are an Android addict, this service will be great for you. Its selection of TV shows is extensive, and you won't miss out on the latest pop culture conversations because you will be current with every show.

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