TicketIQ is a website that aggregates ticket prices from many different sellers and other websites. After researching multiple ticket services, it’s our favorite aggregator for sports tickets because of how easy it is to navigate the site and select your city or region to find tickets immediately.

In our service fee comparison, TicketIQ averaged 20 percent service fees for an MLS game, an MLB game and an NFL game. Unlike some services that raise their prices depending on the demand for tickets and the price, this company had the same service fee for all the events we researched. This means you can have some assurance that you won’t be charged exorbitant service fees like other websites. But if you want to be sure to get the lowest service fees, look for tickets from Coast to Coast Tickets because it had the lowest service fees of all the companies we researched.

One thing that sets TicketIQ apart from other services is its low-price guarantee. If you can find another website that has a lower ticket price for tickets in the same section and row, you can take screenshots of the lower price and the TicketIQ price and email them to the company. If the price is still valid when you send your email, the company will give you 110 percent of the difference in costs that you can use for other tickets on the site. This guarantee makes TicketIQ one of the best places to buy sports tickets.

You can download an app for Android or iOS devices and browse tickets through this aggregator to find the best price on tickets. The app can track how much money you’ve spent on tickets and offers you rewards if you spend a certain amount. If you're a frequent ticket purchaser, we recommend that you buy tickets from Vivid Seats because it has the best rewards program of all the companies we researched.

Like other sports ticket websites, sales are final and you can’t cancel your order once you’ve already made it. The tickets you order will be delivered either by eDelivery or by FedEx. The only way to receive a refund for your tickets is if the event is canceled and not rescheduled. However, this company guarantees that your tickets will be legitimate and delivered to you in time to attend the event. If you do have trouble with TicketIQ, you can search FAQs on its website and find contact information like a phone number and several email addresses to get help.

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