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Pros / This monitoring software has a healthy complement of monitoring tools.

Cons / It lacks sufficient and quality blocking controls.

 Verdict / Elite Keylogger is good monitoring software for those who want to track computer and internet use of monitored computers. It falls far short in blocking and filtering capabilities.

Elite Keylogger monitoring software offers great tracking features and tools to keep tabs on internet and computer use in your home. Yet, it falls short in its ability to block sites and applications.

This PC monitoring software offers a simple, easy-to-use user interface. You can install the application in visible or invisible mode. The visible mode has a desktop shortcut and a login alert that notifies users that their activities are being monitored. The invisible mode hides the application's existence from everyone who uses the monitored computer. In this mode, the application performs its functions in complete stealth.

Elite Keylogger records accessed websites and logs the time, date, duration and frequency of visits. This feature can help track users who may be struggling with an addiction to online pornography, gambling, social media or gaming sites.

This monitoring software records both sides of instant messaging and chat conversations. You can capture usernames, passwords and keystrokes. It also logs keystrokes of sent emails and takes screenshots of received emails. It cannot read or record email attachments, however.

This software tracks accessed applications, passwords, user IDs and more. You can schedule monitoring times as well as when to take screenshots. In addition, you can monitor computers remotely.

One missing feature is the ability to track the creation of new documents and the modification or deletion of existing documents.

You may be disappointed in this PC monitoring software's lack of a content filtering and website-blocking capabilities. Many comparable applications offer these features in one form or another. Also disappointing is the absence of a keyword alert and the ability to block content by keyword. For some users, the omission of these critical elements may render the software ineffective for full-scale computer monitoring.

Elite Keylogger lets you create reports by username and keywords. These reports are searchable. You can receive log reports via email and FTP, or access them on monitored computers. Eight categories divide the reports. Categories include keystroke, screenshots, internet activity, applications history, clipboard, email, passwords and printed documents. Clicking any category reveals detailed reports on each topic. This monitoring software does not offer keyword or email alerts, however.

Customer help and support options are limited with Elite Keylogger. The manufacturer, WideStep Software, offers an email form for contact and a brief instructional video posted on YouTube that you can access through WideStep's website.

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Elite Keylogger does a decent job of monitoring computer and internet activities. It offers several monitoring tools to efficiently track computer use, websites visited and chat conversations. However, it falls short in blocking websites and applications, which may open your home to a host of potential unwanted or questionable influences.

Elite Keylogger 5.3 Visit Site